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One of the major side quests in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor involves Cal defeating a myriad of bounty hunters. You meet Caij Vanda, and she informs you of a massive bounty on your head. Then she gives you the locations of the hunters, so you can take them out before they collect on you.

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While a handful of them are easy, you'll take part in quite a few challenging battles on your way to completing the side quest. Those fights are some of the toughest in Jedi: Survivor. From multiple opponents at once to navigating entire areas as the bounty hunters eggs you on, these get very interesting.

8 Kip Ostar

Kip Ostar stares through is masks in the Roller Mine factory on Koboh in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Kip Ostar is the first bounty offered to you by Caij Vanda. This kick-starts the entire bounty hunter side quest in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. That makes it an important mission for you, as Cal, to undertake on Koboh.

You'll find Kip in the Derelict Dam area, inside the cavern overrun with Roller Mines. As you approach a dead-end, Kip Ostar will jump out from behind a machine. Not only do you have to deal with his shield blocking your attacks, but you also have Roller Mines ready to explode when they reach you.

7 Mash

Cal Kestis force pulls in a henchman as Mash, the droid, slowly approaches to fight in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Mash is a droid found on Koboh's Shattered Moon. Caij will explain this droid's extremely violent tendencies. She's not exaggerating, so you need to be careful when you are up close with Mash. As well, he's got a friend to back him up.

Mash is slow but packs quite the punch. Focus on the backup first and then take down the droid. This is an interesting bounty hunter fight as the droid continuously chirps insults at you. It is also the first bounty you're directed towards that isn't found on Koboh.

6 Corde The Half and PR-85T The Other Half

Cal deflects blaster bolts from Corde The Half and PR-85T The Other Half on Jedha in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

You'll often find bounty hunters with others on their payroll to assist them. Other times, there will be single bounties to collect, but they are found together in the same place. That's how the duo of The Half and The Other Half works. They're together and much more dangerous because of that.

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While on Jedha, you can fight these bounty hunters near the Halls of Ranvell. You'll be bombarded with flash grenades here. That's a bit unfair, considering the beaming sun can already blind you on this desert planet. The two will be side by side throughout the entire battle, and it is one of the few examples of enemy characters working in tandem in all of Jedi: Survivor.

5 Fenn Finau, KLE-0, And Masi Finau

Fenn Finau, KLE-0, and Masi Finau stand near the Nova Garon hanger, ready to fight Cal Kestis in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

The Finau brothers and their droid companion KLE-0 is one of the hardest fights in the game. It takes place on Nova Garon, in a tight hallway near the hangar bay. That gives you very little room to maneuver and evade their attacks, including any grenades.

It also doesn't help that the three of them fight completely differently. It is a unique experience to go against a clunky droid, a jetpack user, and a shield-bashing bounty hunter all at once. Just take them out one by one, and you should be fine.

4 Vaslyn Martz

Cal holds up his lightsaber to block any attacks from Vaslyn Martz in the fog in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Many bounty hunters in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will ambush you. Vaslyn Martz is the only one to utilize stealth to pull off their ambush. Martz has a squad to help stifle you. You'll find them in the Fogged Expanse area of Koboh.

That fog comes into play heavily. It will be difficult to see Martz and the other bounty hunters in the fog at times. They'll attack when you least expect it and use the fog as cover to keep you guessing their next move. Using the Slow ability to prevent stealth opportunities is the best bet here to take down Martz and company.

3 Kili Oso

Cal Kestis rushes towards Kili Oso and his two guards in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Kili Oso has a small army at his disposal on Jedha. Caij Vanda will inform you of this, but of course, you'll dive right in to take him down as Cal Kestis. Head to the Sanctuary Temple on the planet. There is where you'll take part in a wild bounty chase against Oso.

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You have to defeat bounty hunters outside the temple, platform your way in, and slash through another horde of them on the inside. After you drop Oso's health a bit, he'll run. You have no choice but to follow him right into a trap with two other bounty hunters that fight just like he does. As always, focus on one at a time to get through it.

2 Jo The Cannibal

Jo the Cannibal looks forward in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Jo the Cannibal is the last bounty on the board given to you by Caij Vanda. She speaks, has a horrific name, but turns out to be a droid. She's called a cannibal because she destroys other droids and uses their power supplies to make herself stronger.

Jo is in the Lucrehulk and has made a deal with the Bedlam Raiders to put Cal to the test. She taunts Cal over a loudspeaker as you fight through raiders and bounty hunters. It is a long journey to find this droid. When you do, she'll send two raiders to hurt you before joining in with some foul-mouthed chatter to try and throw you off.

1 Caij Vanda

Cal Kestis speaks with Caij Vanda, who is seated on a stone, in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Just when you think the bounty hunting side quest is over in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, think again. As you go to turn in the last one, you'll find that Caij is not in her usual spot. Instead, she left a message for you to meet her where you first encountered her on Koboh.

She reveals that you were just taking out the competition, and it's time for her to collect your bounty. She has the abilities of all other bounty hunters you've faced. This means you'll need to be especially crafty to defeat her. Do so, and a rewarding cutscene will play that includes a wonderful Star Wars cameo.

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