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Wipeout Omega Collection  1
Gran Turismo Movie Director Is Now Researching Wipeout Lore

A Wipeout movie would have a banging soundtrack, surely?

the-last-of-us-joel-ellie 1
HBO's The Last Of Us Season 2 Aiming For 2025 Release

Just two more years to endure and survive.

The Witcher Jaskier standing in front of Geralt topless with just a jacket on 1
Witcher Fans Upset That Jaskier Is Falling In Love Next Season

Jaskier will reportedly fall in love with Radovid, which is a questionable choice, but many fans are angry at the idea of him being queer.

henry cavill as geralt wearing a batman mask 1
Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria sign 1
Five Nights At Freddy's Movie Gets First Official Teaser Trailer

We finally have our first official look at the Five Nights at Freddy's movie.

Five Night At Freddy's Animatronics 1
Five Nights At Freddy's Movie First Official Posters Revealed

Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy all take centre stage.

Luigi from the Mario Movie screaming and surrounded by Dry Bones 1
Some Pirated Mario Movie Copies Are Infected With Malware

"Millions" have been infected with malware, now found in pirated copies of The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

mario and luigi about to hug 1
The Mario Movie's Digital Launch Is Finally Here

You can finally watch the Mario movie at home.

Hunter from Bloodborne and Kat from Gravity Rush 1
PlayStation Fans Want Bloodborne And Gravity Rush Anime Adaptations

PlayStation Productions has some animation in the works, and fans have suggestions.

guardians-of-galaxy-vol-3 1
Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 Was Inspired By Mass Effect And KOTOR

James Gunn was inspired by BioWare classics, including his "favourite game of all time", KOTOR.

6-Fallout Fans Want Mr House And Dogmeat In The TV Show 1
Fallout Fans Want Mr. House And Dogmeat In The TV Show

It’s not Fallout without Dogmeat.

joel and ellie in the last of us 1
The Last Of Us Season 2 Is On Hold Due To Writers Strike

The casting team was reportedly asking actors auditioning to read lines from The Last of Us Part 2.

Spider-Gwen riding Vulture in Across the Spider-verse 1
Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse Has A Weird Reference To Mario Kart

Seems like Gwen Stacy is a big Mario Kart fan.

Five Nights at Freddy's Nightmare Cupcake. 1
Five Nights At Freddy's Movie Confirms Nightmare Cupcake In Crew Letter

"This cast and crew will make the world believe a bear can sing, a cupcake can bite, and a Springlock can sting."

five nights at freddy's band playing music 1
Five Nights At Freddy's Movie Trailer Leaker "Did It For The People"

The leaker has admitted they signed an NDA, apologized, and claimed they did it for the fans.

Karl Urban photoshopped to look like Kano from Mortal Kombat 1
Mortal Kombat Fans Think Karl Urban Should Play Kano Instead

I reckon he could manage the accent, just about.

joel carrying ellie to hospital garage 1
The Last Of Us' Joel Just Won A "Best Hero" Award Despite... You Know

The votes are in: Joel did nothing wrong.

The Old Republic-2 1
Freddy Fazbear and two animatronics. 1
Five Nights At Freddy's Creator "Disheartened" By Movie Trailer Leak

"I know that Blumhouse and Universal (and me too) have all worked very hard to make something really exciting to share."

Freddy Fazbear in Five Nights at Freddy's 2. 1
Five Nights At Freddy's Movie Trailer Leaks Online

The first trailer for the Five Nights at Freddy's movie has leaked online, giving us a sneak peek at the upcoming adaptation.