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A collage of Hildibrand in two different poses from Final Fantasy 14. 1
Final Fantasy 14's Best Content Is Often Its Silliest

FFXIV's hilarious side content is often the best, not just for the content but for the rewards too.

25-Where Is The Last Of Us Factions 2 1
Where Is The Last Of Us Factions 2?

If this PlayStation Showcase wasn't the right time to finally reveal The Last Of Us Online, when is?

side by side images of nina and dina caliente arriving to mortimer goth's house in the sims 2, and them doing the same thing in the sims 4 after their may 2023 caliente family refresh caliente family tree caliente update 1
The Sims: A Complete History Of The Caliente Family

The real question is, just where does Don Lothario fit into all this?

A bard band playing in Final Fantasy 14 with the Bards for Brains charity bard festival logo overlaid on the image. 1
Final Fantasy 14 Community Spotlight: Bards For Brains Charity Event

Bards For Brains will be hosting a charity concert on FFXIV's Marilith server this weekend.

hawken reborn mech trailer 1
Hawken Reborn Is A Shadow Of The Original Game

Once more without feeling

19-The 2 in Overwatch 2 Was Never About PVE 1
The 2 In Overwatch 2 Was Never About The PvE Hero Mode

Overwatch 2 scrapped PVE mode has people wondering why the sequel was even necessary, but Overwatch 2 was never about the co-op campaign.

pokemon go master ball 1
Pokemon Go’s Master Ball Won’t Save The Game, But It’s A Start

Pokemon Go has been on a downward spiral for a while now, but abandoning paid content may help retain the remaining players

The cast of The Firebird Theatre on stage in Final Fantasy 14. 1
Final Fantasy 14 Community Spotlight: The Firebird Theatre Presents The Importance Of Being Earnest

FFXIV's The Firebird Theatre troupe is performing The Importance of Being Earnest, with the show running for a couple more weeks yet. Don't miss out!

Apex Legends' SweetDreams Climbed To Apex Predator Without Dealing Damage

Apex Legends Season 17’s ranked system is easy to cheese, and Sweet has set out to prove it

MTG Arena March of the Machine Aftermath 1
The MTG Arena Launch Is The Next Blunder For March Of The Machine: The Aftermath

MTG's March of the Machine: The Aftermath has been plagued by controversy, right up to its Arena launch.

Peridot photoshopped into the Dogz PC game. 1
Peridot Is An Evolution Of Dogz

Childhood memories of dressing up, feeding, and breeding virtual pets came rushing back to me.

sad eevee wearing a hat in pokemon let's go 1
Angry Pokemon Go Players Are Way Overestimating Their Impact

No matter how mad you are about changes in Pokemon Go, you have to remember that social media communities will always be the vocal minority.

Crowds of players at LunarCon 2022 in Final Fantasy 14. 1
Final Fantasy 14 Community Spotlight: Get Involved With LunarCon 2023!

LunarCon is returning to FFXIV later this year and there is plenty for you to get involved with!

Several Soldiers Walking Along A Rocky Terrain Holding Weapons 1
Bungie Should Have Raised Season Pass Price Way Sooner

The price of Destiny 2 season passes is going up slightly this month, but it should have happened a lot sooner.

20-Game Pass Is Losing Me 1
Game Pass Is Losing Me

Three years subscribed to Game Pass, and I'm running out of reasons to keep paying.

Honkai Star Rail Doomsday Boss fight glass shatter 1
fortnite-anakin-padme_feature-1 1
When Will Fortnite Get The Respect It Deserves?

Fortnite's recent Star Wars addition is a reminder of its excellent artstyle and graphical potential, even if it is often ignored.

Marvel Snap Agatha Deck Hela 1
Hela Got Me Hooked On Marvel Snap All Over Again

Like Hela resurrecting your discard pile, I’m back into Marvel Snap

Redfall Launch 1
Redfall Didn’t Need To Launch Like This

Redfall's launch is a mess, but that might be a quiet attempt to move on quickly.

gotham knights redfall and marvel avengers collage 1
Redfall Is The Latest Example Of Games Chasing Dead Trends

Redfall is full of gimmicks we might have wanted six years ago, but games take too long to make for them to act like this.