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Gwent Minigame The Witcher 3  1
CD Projekt Red Hit With Layoffs As Gwent Development Slows Down

Gwent's remaining 30 team members will part ways with CDPR before the end of the year.

Diablo 4 (17) 1
Diablo 4's Servers Are "Prepared" For Launch Traffic

Blizzard feels like it's "done the work" to keep the Diablo 4 servers running on launch day.

Overwatch 2 Baptiste with his arms out in front of a building with a vertical LGBTQ+ flag 1
Overwatch 2's Pride Event Will Be Blocked In Certain Countries

Overwatch 2 will block Pride content in specific countries in a bid to "protect" its players.

Pharah from Overwatch 2 in front of a lesbian pride flag 1
Overwatch 2 Short Story Confirms Pharah Is A Lesbian

Some good news for all the Pharmercy shippers out there.

Silent Hill Ascension 1
Silent Hill: Ascension Just Got A Trailer Out Of Absolutely Nowhere

The upcoming "interactive series" promises suffering, redemption, or damnation.

2-Blizzard Accused Of Making Fake Accounts For Diablo 4 Q&A 1
Blizzard Accused Of Making Fake Accounts For Diablo 4 Q&A

Many of the social accounts asking questions either didn't exist or didn't ask until after the video went live.

Ivan Toney along with this FIFA 23 FUT card 1
fortnite character wielding the kinetic blade 1
Fortnite Fans Aren't Happy About The Kinetic Blade Being Vaulted

The Kinetic Blade has gone the way of the Shockwave Hammer, and many of you aren't happy about it.

call of duty modern warfare 2 character looking out of a helicopter 1
Xbox Owning Call Of Duty Won't Be Unfair On PlayStation, Says EU

The EU feels that Xbox stands to lose more by taking Call of Duty from PlayStation than it does by simply leaving things as they are.

fortnite grenade 1
Fortnite Nerfs Grenades After Five Years

Heavy Sniper fans might want to look away too.

PlayStation Showcase 2023 _ [ENGLISH SUBTITLES] 1-43-22 screenshot 1
Cayde Returns In Destiny 2: The Final Shape

The Colonel is going to be so happy.

B1 Droids with a Fortnite tweet layered on top saying  1
Fortnite Fans Confused Over Star Wars Droid Tease

Fortnite teased Droids in the middle of a Clone Wars-themed Star Wars event, but they never came.

diablo immortal 1
Bloodhound stands in front of a sunset in Apex Legends 1
Apex Legends All Women Team Member Accused Of Transphobia

An Apex player was accused of spreading transphobia that briefly got a trans competitor kicked out of an all-women tournament.

A soldier in beige camo walking away from destroyed buildings 1
Fan Run Modern Warfare 2 Servers Shut Down By Activision

X Labs, a "modding laboratory" that fixed a security exploit in the original Modern Warfare 2, and ran its own servers, has been shut down.

Roblox characters standing side-by-side on a field 1
10-Year-Old Spends £2,500 On Roblox Without Mum's Permission

The mum got her money back only after the BBC helped her with her case.

Omega Protocol Ultimate Raid 1
ramattra-overwatch-2 1
Overwatch PvE And MMO Were In Development Since Launch

Overwatch's scrapped PvE mode has actually been in development since the first game's launch.

players in hall eating a meal 1
Amazon Boss Wants Fans To "Move On" From The Lord Of The Rings Online

"The most likely scenario is...for people just to move over, because the other one is an old game."

League of Legends Riot Pride 2023 1
League Of Legends Dev Says Don't Assume Characters Are Straight

There are more queer League of Legends characters than you might think.