Blizzard has been doing some truly bizarre promotions in preparation for the launch of Diablo 4. First, it was a partnership with KFC where anyone who ordered a Double Down "sandwich" would get access to an exclusive beta test. Before that, it was a partnership with Thumbtack that would send people to your house to clean and do chores while you spent all weekend slaying the minions of hell.

Now Blizzard has returned with KFC in another hellish promotion, but at least you don't need to choke down a Double Down this time around.

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"After a successful collaboration during the Double Down promo, we're partnering with Blizzard Entertain again to bring our customers exclusive experiences in the much-anticipated Diablo 4 video game launching June 6," reads an internal email that got posted to Reddit earlier this month. "KFC guests will have the unique opportunity to unlock access to special Diablo 4 in-game rewards with any online sandwich purchase."

KFC and Blizzard are offering five such unique rewards, all of which have now been revealed after the promo went live on May 29. Anyone who orders one of several qualifying sandwich products will receive one of five particular weapon cosmetics, including the "Vessel of the Eleven" totem (for 11 herbs and spices), the "Dread Pheasant Slayer" bow, the "Hand of Gallus" polearm ("gallus" being a genus of bird that includes chickens), the "Thrumming Axle" staff (which looks like a rotisserie), or the "Foul Reaper" two-handed scythe (which looks sort of like a fork holding a chicken nugget).

There are, of course, a few caveats. This promo is only open to US residents, and it also only works for online orders. Go into a store and demand some redemption code with your sandwich and the server will likely just stare at you blankly. You'll need to create a KFC account and then sync it with your Blizzard account, and then use either the website or KFC app to order "a qualifying product," of which there are several.

Diablo 4 KFC Promo Weapon Cosmetics

In addition to the in-game items, your sandwich will come wrapped in a Diablo 4 bag and your medium-size drink will have the Diablo 4 logo. A minimum of $5 must be spent to receive your unlock code, and the promo will run from now until July 2.

Diablo 4 hits consoles and PC on June 6, and Blizzard says that it's ready. Or at least, as ready as it can be. Diablo GM Rod Fergusson said that the recent server slam test has certainly helped prepare the team for launch day, but you can never be 100 percent prepared. Everyone remembers Diablo 3's disastrous launch, and we're all praying that Diablo 4 doesn't repeat past mistakes.

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