Earlier this month, Fortnite vaulted Trios in what was seen as a pretty baffling move from Epic Games, even among those unfamiliar with the game itself. To make matters worse, Epic offered up very little in way of an explanation as to why Trios was taken away, leaving fans pretty peeved considering a lot of people were made to play in Squads and forced to find an extra player if they wanted to keep their gang together.

However, it seems like this fan backlash may have caused Epic Games to change its mind, as it's just announced out of the blue that Trios is being unvaulted and will be available to play in Fortnite once again. Just like with the initial removal, Epci Games hasn't explained why it's bringing Trios back, or why it was removed in the first place, but at least it's now easier to jump into a game of Fortnite with friends once again.

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There is a catch though, albeit one that shouldn't be too irritating for players to deal with. While Trios is now back and ready to play, you won't be able to jump into a match in Battle Royale or Zero Build ranked, meaning Trios is only available in non-competitive game modes. There's no sign from Epic that this is going to change, but there was also no sign that Trios was coming back in the first place, so trying to guess what Epic is going to do next is a fool's errand at this point.

Still, it's nice to see that such a popular mode is making a comeback when many thought it was gone for good, and this unvaulting will have fans hopeful that Epic keeps on going with this trend and brings back the Kinetic Blade. The weapon was vaulted from all modes last week due to a rather unfortunate glitch which allowed players to damage and eliminate opponents from a distance. Many were unhappy at the time about the vaulting, though there's still a chance it could make a comeback just like Trios did.

As for the future of Fortnite, a series of leaks recently revealed that Chapter 4 Season 3 will finally bring us the long-rumored Tropical theme, along with a collaboration with the Transformers franchise. These were the only things we could glean from the leaked key art, though further leaks gave us a look at a new volcanic area and other cosmetics. Thankfully, we only have to wait until next week for Season 3 to begin.

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