Starting life as a tower defense game, Fortnite has become one of the biggest video games out there. Its battle royale mode dominates popular culture, featuring concerts by megastar musicians and crossovers with just about every brand imaginable, from Marvel to the NFL.

July 25, 2017
Epic Games
Epic Games
Online Multiplayer
Unreal Engine 5
T for Teen - Violence
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A team of three people in Fortnite 1
Fortnite Is Unvaulting Trios For Non-Competitive Modes

Trios is back, though you won't be able to play in Ranked mode.

Free Games On Xbox Series XS Featured Split Image Fortnite And Halo Infinite 1
Best Free Games On The Xbox Series X|S

If you're looking for hours of fun without a penny spent, we have some Xbox games for you to take a look at.

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Optimus Prime in the live-action Transformers movies. 1
totk development 1
Zelda Is Showing Most Of Us We Have No Idea How Games Are Made

The things that players think are amazing about TOTK are not the same things developers are impressed by.

fortnite character wielding the kinetic blade 1
Fortnite Fans Aren't Happy About The Kinetic Blade Being Vaulted

The Kinetic Blade has gone the way of the Shockwave Hammer, and many of you aren't happy about it.

fortnite grenade 1
Fortnite Nerfs Grenades After Five Years

Heavy Sniper fans might want to look away too.

B1 Droids with a Fortnite tweet layered on top saying  1
Fortnite Fans Confused Over Star Wars Droid Tease

Fortnite teased Droids in the middle of a Clone Wars-themed Star Wars event, but they never came.

Online Multiplayer Games - Minecraft, Catan Universe, Sea of Thieves (left to right) 1
The Best Online Multiplayer Games For Kids

Video games are best enjoyed with good company at any age.

Anakin Skywalker, Boba Fett, and Darth Vader in Fortnite. 1
Fortnite: 10 Best Star Wars Skins

Bring a galaxy far, far away to Fortnite with these Star Wars skins.

Spider-Man 2099 from Across the Spider-Verse grabbing his own ass in Fortnite 1
spider-ham in spider-man: into the spider-verse 1
Fortnite's Miles Morales Crossover Features A Cameo From Spider-Ham

The best Spider-Man variant has entered the chat.

three fortnite characters 1
Fortnite Fans Aren't Happy About Trios Mode Getting Vaulted

What are we supposed to do, play with a stranger? No thanks.

fortnite's spider-man hanging upside down 1
Fortnite's Beloved Spider-Man Web Shooters Are Making A Comeback

Miles Morales is coming to Fortnite, and he's bringing a well-loved item along with him.

seven of fortnite's new ranks 1
Fortnite Finally Gets Ranked Mode

Fortnite's ranked mode will be live as soon as today's downtime ends.

Free Kids Games (our life beginning & always, brawlhalla, and 100 hidden frogs) 1
Free Video Games That Will Keep Kids Entertained For Hours

These are some of the best games for kids looking to fill a long stretch of time.

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Fortnite Ranked Mode emblem 1
Fortnite Is Teasing A Potential Ranked Mode

Fortnite might finally be getting Ranked play next season.

Goku Black firing a Ki blast in Dragon Ball Super. 1
Goku Black's Super Saiyan Rose form. 1
fortnite-anakin-padme_feature-1 1
When Will Fortnite Get The Respect It Deserves?

Fortnite's recent Star Wars addition is a reminder of its excellent artstyle and graphical potential, even if it is often ignored.

Fortnite Renegade Runner Skins 1
Fortnite Joins The Olympic Esports Next Month

Fortnite is coming to the Olympic Esports, but it won't be played as a battle royale.