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This is where we give whatever scores the gaming companies tell us to give. Remember, if you agree with our review or preview, it’s unbiased, and if you disagree, even if you haven’t played the game yet, then we’re definitely a bunch of shills.


Miasma Chronicles Jade Elvis and Diggs around a campfire 1
Miasma Chronicles Review: A Captivating Journey

Miasma Chronicles takes you on a journey you'll never forget.

Lord of the Rings Gollum review 1
Sunshine SHuffle Header-1 1
Sunshine Shuffle Review – No Donkeys Here

Gamble with the Morning Crew in Sunshine Shuffle.

Warhammer 40k Boltgun review 1
Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun Review: Violence By Numbers

Warhammer’s retro Doom clone is a fun, frenetic fight and not a lot else

After Us review header showing white haired protagonist 1
After Us Review - A Thin Commentary On Pollution

After Us wants to call attention to an important topic, but is short on engaging ideas to reach its audience.

Samba De Amigo: Party Central Preview 1
Samba De Amigo: Party Central Preview - Moves Like Wii Waggle

A healthy selection of pop bangers can't hold up a lightweight rhythm experience.

Farming Simulator 23 Review Header 1
Farming Simulator 23 Review – E I E I Uh-Oh

Farming Simulator's latest Switch outing is feeling a little wilted.

Riker, a bearded character from Star Trek, as he appears in the game Star Trek Resurgence. He is wear a grey and red Starfleet suit, and has four pips on his collar to signify that he's a Captain. 1
Star Trek Resurgence Review - Tea, Earl Grey, Lukewarm

Resurgence is one of the best Star Trek stories out there, but it's brought down by clumsy gameplay and pointless padding.

Monster Menu review 1
Monster Menu: The Scavenger’s Cookbook Review - A Questionable Dish

What could have been a modern roguelike masterpiece is weighed down by overreliance on gimmicky survival mechanics.

Fast X 1
Park beyond Preview - Candyland Theming 1
Park Beyond Preview - The Impossible Made Profitable

Park Beyond embraces the wacky in a big way, but the management elements still stick the landing.

Flexispot BS11 Pro Review 1
Flexispot BS11 Pro Review - A Roomy And Comfortable Office Chair

My cats don't seem to like it but I sure do.

Humanity review 1
Humanity Review - Great Puzzler, Mid Story, Bad Dog

You’re a dog, leading humanity through danger. You will make them commit countless murders.

1-Lego 2K Drive-REVIEW 1
Lego 2K Drive Review - A Bricked Up Engine

Lego 2K Drive has some interesting ideas, but is aimed at too young an audience and feels bland and repetitive before long.

Tears of the Kingdom review 1
The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Review - Take To The Skies

A bold and unexpected evolution of everything that made Breath of the Wild such a masterpiece.

Afterimage Review 1
Afterimage Review - Picture Imperfect

This 2D Metroidvania can be fun to explore, but puts too many obstacles in your way.

1-Peridot-REVIEW 1
Peridot Review: Cute, Cuddly, Confusing, Costly

Peridot is the most impressive AR game ever, but the fact that breeding is locked by microtransactions threatens its chances of survival.

Dominus Thrax looms over the Drifter inWarframe The Duviri Paradox 1
Warframe: The Duviri Paradox Review - Sympathy For The Devil

While a war wages, we take a moment to learn more about the Drifter's story.

Welt Yang, March 7th, Himeko, and Dan Heng posing beside the Astral Express in Honkai: Star Rail. 1
Honkai: Star Rail Review - A Star Is Born

A new saga from Hoyoverse brings a lively and entertaining experience with both new and familiar faces.

1-Redfall-REVIEW 1
Redfall Review - Left Me Drained In A Ditch

Redfall is an unfinished mess of a game, full of half-baked systems and terrible AI, only partially redeemed by its well-designed world.