Bungie has given us our first teaser for The Final Shape, Destiny 2's final expansion following Lightfall. According to the teaser, we'll learn more during the Destiny showcase later in August. Oh, and also, Cayde's back.

Yes, the beloved Exo voiced by the timeless Nathan Fillion returns in Lightfall, although he seems different. As revealed in the most recent season Destiny, Cayde seems to have the same Taken affectation as Sloane, although his condition seems far more advanced. Still, it hasn't seemed to affect his spirit or his signature weapon, the Ace of Spades.

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Cayde's death was one of the highlights of Destiny 2's ongoing story. Killed by Uldren Sov during the Forsaken campaign, Guardians were devastated by the loss of perhaps the franchise's most popular character. Since his death, the Hunter Vanguard position has remained open to honor his legacy, although it sure seems that Crow is being groomed for the position.

The trailer also revealed more than just Cayde's existence, however. In the final scene, a shimmering pyramid can be seen in the distance while Cayde and Ikora Rey catch up over a campfire. The area around them seems lush and verdant, and the sparkling pyramid is a vast departure from the ominous symbols of death that the pyramid ships portray in the rest of the Destiny universe. Neither of them knows where they are, but if I were to guess, I'd say it is the fabled Garden where the Light and Dark hold their contest, eventually leading to the "final shape."

We'll certainly learn more about Destiny 2's final expansion during the Destiny showcase on August 22. But Destiny fans shouldn't despair as Bungie has promised Destiny will live on after the Final Shape, although it hasn't yet said exactly how. It seems likely we'll learn more about that too during the Destiny showcase.

Destiny 2's most recently received its Season of the Deep, with both Sloane and Titan returning to warn Guardians that the Give are searching for something at the bottom of Titan's methane ocean. Besides diving deep under the frigid seas, Guardians can also fish on Earth--an entirely new activity that can net them some return weapons.

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