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Twitch AAPI Tweet 1
Twitch Made Another Bad Tweet, This Time For AAPI Month

Choose your fighter: “Waymond The Dad”, Goku (???), or Lilo from Lilo and Stitch.

Amouranth's New AI App Is Very Creepy 1
Amouranth's New AI App Is Very Creepy

The CEO of Forever Voices AI says that the company ‘democratises access’ to influencers, which… ew.

Discord 1
The Thug Shaker Central Debacle Just Reinforces That Right-Wing Gamer Culture Has Devastating Consequences

A 21-year-old man leaked classified documents to racist teenagers through Discord for clout.

Joe Rogan podcasting outside his anti-woke comedy club at the Ritz, Austin 1
Let's All Laugh At Joe Rogan's Anti-Woke Comedy Club

Joe Rogan has opened a comedy club that takes your phone and scans you face, creating the ultimate safe space for comedians who hate safe spaces

12-Xbox Game Pass And Amazon Luna Complete Each Other 1
Xbox Game Pass
Xbox Game Pass And Amazon Luna Complete Each Other

If there was a streaming service with the convenience of Luna and the variety of Game Pass, it would be perfect.

hogwarts legacy twitch trans flag 1
Twitch Streamers' Hogwarts Legacy Ad Protests Are Fruitless Without The Biggest Stars

Streamers have stood up against the company and won before

Summoning Salt (1) 1
Summoning Salt's Videos Make Me Care About Games I Never Thought I Would

I’ve never cared so much about a game I didn’t know existed until 27 minutes ago

otk logo 1
OTK Reinstates Streamer Mizkif Citing No "Direct Evidence" Of Involvement In Sexual Assault

"Investigations counsel did not find direct evidence that Mizkif attempted to minimize or cover up sexual assault as alleged."

drdisrespect 1
Streamers Are Sick Of Gaming, And There’s No Easy Answer

Several streamers have reported boredom and disillusionment with the current state of gaming, but it's not as simple as 'play indies instead'

kanye-west 1
Adin Ross, Who Just Learned What Fascism Is, Is Set To Interview Kanye West

It looks like the streamer doesn't understand that providing a platform for dangerous views is dangerous in itself.

Amouranth headshot against a blue background 1
Amouranth Never Led Anyone On

As Amouranth revealed she has been the victim of prolonged abuse, her most toxic parasocial fans are desperate to insert themselves as the real victim

Dream face 1
The Cruel Reaction To Dream’s Face Reveal Highlights The Biggest Problem With Content Creators

Minecraft YouTuber Dream has revealed he's just a regular guy, and now he's being insulted both for looking normal and for not

nickmercs twitchcon 1
Nickmercs Anti-Vax Answer To TwitchCon Sounds Like Worst Party Of All Time

Apparently the idea of TwitchCon being a safe and inclusive event made FaZe Clan big mad.

Are Corporate VTubers The Future Of Gaming Advertising 1
Are Corporate VTubers The Future Of Gaming Advertising?

Apex Legends’ VTuber models could have more sinister applications

xQc with Amouranth and a casino behind him 1
xQc's Gambling Streams Are So Much Worse Than The Twitch Fart Meta

xQc was the biggest critic of the fart meta, but his gambling streams are making stink over at Twitch

A split image of Pokemon Challenges and Emerald Kaizo 1
“There Was No One Who Was Doing This” - Pokemon Challenges On Nuzlocking Emerald Kaizo

Jan talks through beating the world’s hardest Pokemon game with his self-imposed ruleset.

Jessica Blevins smiling with two pictures of Ninja in the background 1
Interview: How Jessica Blevins Turned Ninja Into A Professional Brand

The manager of one of the most well-known streamers on the planet.

XQC Dota Arcane 1
This Week In Streaming: xQc Conspiracies, TSpirit Wins The International, And A Genshin Impact Partner Program

Don't know what happened this week in streaming? Read this, quick!

1-1 1
This Week In Streaming: Twitch Hacked, Amouranth Banned, And The US Navy Streaming Age Of Empires

It's been a big week for streaming news, we've got you covered with the best of it.

Streaming Round Up Oct 4 1