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kirby large 1
Kirby And The Forgotten Land's Co-Developer Is Shutting Down

Vanpool helped usher Kirby into a fantastical 3D world, but now it's disappearing like the Forgotten Land. 

12-Diablo 4 Leak Reveals Second KFC Crossover-2 (1) 1
Diablo 4 Leak Reveals Second KFC Crossover

The Colonel and Diablo are continuing a hellish partnership.

Gwent Minigame The Witcher 3  1
CD Projekt Red Hit With Layoffs As Gwent Development Slows Down

Gwent's remaining 30 team members will part ways with CDPR before the end of the year.

Diablo 4 (17) 1
Diablo 4's Servers Are "Prepared" For Launch Traffic

Blizzard feels like it's "done the work" to keep the Diablo 4 servers running on launch day.

16-MTG To Get A Secret Lair Based On The Animated Lord Of The Rings Movie 1
MTG To Get A Secret Lair Based On The Animated Lord Of The Rings Movie

The 1978 classic returns as a new Secret Lair drop later in June.

Anthem cover art 1
Anthem 2 Would Have Been "Great", Devs Were "Gutted" It Was Cancelled

EA's cancellation of Anthem's Next update robbed us of a "really fun" game, according to a former BioWare dev.

Tekken 8 King 1
Tekken 8 Playtest Appears On Steam

With Summer Game Fest around the corner, a playtest announcement might be imminent.

6-System Shock Was Originally Sonic The Hedgehog In Space 1
System Shock Was Originally "Sonic The Hedgehog In Space"

Sonic was already in space by then, so it’s a good thing Looking Glass decided to change strategy.

Silent Hill Ascension 1
Silent Hill: Ascension Just Got A Trailer Out Of Absolutely Nowhere

The upcoming "interactive series" promises suffering, redemption, or damnation.

Link Using Ascend In Tears Of The Kingdom 1
Tears Of The Kingdom's Ascend Ability Deletes The World And Puts You In A Box

The camera tricks Nintendo used to create Tears of the Kingdom are laid bare.

Art for the game Disco Elysium featuring its two protagonists, Kim Kitsuragi and Harrier Du Bois posing in the middle with a water colour rendition of the city of Revachol in the background 1
Disco Elysium 2 Has Been "Jeopardised" By ZA/UM Scandal, Says CEO

The ongoing court battle could mean Disco Elysium 2 will never see the light of day.

2-Blizzard Accused Of Making Fake Accounts For Diablo 4 Q&A 1
Blizzard Accused Of Making Fake Accounts For Diablo 4 Q&A

Many of the social accounts asking questions either didn't exist or didn't ask until after the video went live.

Gragas Splash Art League of Legends 1
League of Legends
League Of Legends Pros "Overwhelmingly" Vote To Strike

LoL's North American players' association has voted to hold the first strike to ever hit esports.

1-Steam Users Kill Their Accounts 1
Steam Users Kill Their Accounts With One Of The English Language's Longest Words

Changing your profile to "antidisestablishmentarianism" effectively killed your Steam account.

Rennala 1
Elden Ring Players Are Just Realising Rennala Fight Is An Illusion

"Mother's rich slumber shall not be disturbed by thee."

Arab Animals Xbox Achievements 1
Xbox Reportedly Banning "Easy Gamerscore" Games

Xbox will no longer publish games that let you unlock its achievements by doing absolutely nothing.

The Witcher Season 2 Is One Of Netflix's Most-Viewed Shows Ever 1
It Looks Like Netflix Is Making Another Witcher Spin-Off

Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren said he was in South Africa filming for "The Witcher," sparking rumors of yet another spin-off.

Metal Gear Tears of the Kingdom 1
lord of the rings gollum sleeping 1
FBI Agent Anderson Alan Wake 2 1
Alan Wake 2's New Protagonist Might Be From Quantum Break

Saga Anderson was briefly teased in a live-action trailer from Remedy's previous game.

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