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The Witcher Netflix Season 3 1
Witcher Showrunner Didn't Want To Replace Geralt After Cavill's Departure

Replacing Geralt as the Witcher would have meant "going fully away from the books."

17-Kick Reportedly Offers Kai Cenat And iShowSpeed $40 Million To Leave Twitch 1
Kick Reportedly Offers Kai Cenat And iShowSpeed $40 Million To Leave Twitch

"That just goes to show you bro, it’s NBA money."

Candela Obscura Cast Photo Critical Role-1 1
Critical Role's Candela Obscura Trailer Shows Off Investigators And Story

Critical Role embarks on a new journey of gothic horror using a completely new game system.

PewDiePie over a Twitch suspension notification and the Trailer Park Boys 1
Twitch Bans PewDiePie During Infinite Livestream

PewDiePie's infinite Twitch stream was banned today, and fans think it might be because he showed full episodes of Trailer Park Boys.

2-YouTuber Sprays Gamers With Deodorant 1
YouTuber Sprays Gamers With Deodorant, Told Off By Convention Staff

Boggles has been banned from all future DreamHack events for spraying convention goers and staff with deodorant.

Hasan and Matan 1
Asmongold and WoW Classic 1
Blizzard Permanently Bans Players Griefing Asmongold In WoW Classic Hardcore

Blizzard is dishing out severe punishments to those harassing popular streamers.

Kai Cenat streaming during Christmas 1
Kai Cenat Will Leave Twitch "For Good" If He Gets Banned Again

Kai Cenat was banned on Twitch again last month and has said if it happens one more time, he'll leave the platform for good.

35-LowTierGod Has Been Banned From Twitch 1
LowTierGod Has Been Banned From Twitch

It's hard to say what got him kicked off Twitch this time, but he’s banned again.

Sweet Tooth Twisted Metal 1
Twisted Metal Teaser Shows First Look At Live-Action Sweet Tooth

His hair isn't on fire, but that's still one terrifying clown.

soulja boy 1
Soulja Boy Unbanned From Twitch After Over A Year

Soulja Boy is back on Twitch, but we still have no idea why he was banned in the first place.

indiefoxx-1 1
Indiefoxx Says She Was Blackmailed With Explicit AI Images After Twitch Return

AI-generated media is giving abusers another way to harass women on Twitch.

Kai Cenat 1
Kai Cenat Has Been Banned On Twitch Again, Fans Call For Kick Switch

Kai Cenat has been banned yet again, and Twitch could lose one of its biggest creators.

Kick Dot Com Logo 1
Kick Isn't Losing Money, Founder Ed Craven Claims

Time to balance the books.

Kick 1
Kick Is Already Cracking Down On Hot Tub Streams And Sexual Content

Things were simpler when it was just farting into and licking mics.

CS:GO Twitch streamer's ceiling collapses - image shows ceiling detritus on streamer's bed 1
jidion 1
Kick 1
adin-ross-event 1
Adin Ross Followed Donald Trump Around UFC Last Night

"Will Adin sniff Donald Trump's chair?”

Kick Dot Com Logo 1
Kick Accused Of Faking Views To Appear Successful

Success isn't always what it seems.