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ROG Ally Where To Buy 1
Where To Buy The Asus ROG Ally

Wanting to upgrade your handheld to a powerful Windows 11 PC? Take a look at the Asus ROG Ally.

A team of three people in Fortnite 1
Fortnite Is Unvaulting Trios For Non-Competitive Modes

Trios is back, though you won't be able to play in Ranked mode.

kirby large 1
Kirby And The Forgotten Land's Co-Developer Is Shutting Down

Vanpool helped usher Kirby into a fantastical 3D world, but now it's disappearing like the Forgotten Land. 

12-Diablo 4 Leak Reveals Second KFC Crossover-2 (1) 1
Diablo 4 Leak Reveals Second KFC Crossover

The Colonel and Diablo are continuing a hellish partnership.

Gwent Minigame The Witcher 3  1
CD Projekt Red Hit With Layoffs As Gwent Development Slows Down

Gwent's remaining 30 team members will part ways with CDPR before the end of the year.

midnight suns 1
XCOM And Marvel's Midnight Sun Developer Firaxis Hit With Layoffs

Around 30 developers are reported to have been let go.

bobby kotick 1
Bobby Kotick Denies All Allegations Of Activision's "Systemic Issue With Harassment"

“We’ve had every possible form of investigation done. And we did not have a systemic issue with harassment — ever."

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City movie still showing Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield 1
Yet Another Live-Action Resident Evil Movie Is Reportedly In The Works

Resident Evil is getting a new movie called "Umbrella Chronicles".

Street Fighter 6's Battle Hub mode. 1
Street Fighter 6 Lets You Avoid Players Using Wi-Fi

"This is discrimination of the highest level."

Diablo 4 (17) 1
Diablo 4's Servers Are "Prepared" For Launch Traffic

Blizzard feels like it's "done the work" to keep the Diablo 4 servers running on launch day.

Blank concept art showing a young woman in the front seat of a car driving while through the passenger windows a run-down wooden cabin is mid-air for some reason  1
The Witcher 3 And Cyberpunk 2077 Director Opens New Studio With Former CDPR Devs

The new studio is working on a character-driven game set in an apocalyptic world.

Dragon Age 2 Female Hawke With Detroit's Android Connor Mash-Up 1
Dragon Age's Narrative Lead Says BioWare's Attempts To Use AI Were "Soulless"

"A lot of effort is going to be wasted on this" by many other developers, he says.

The One Ring card already looking pringled. 1
Overwatch 2 Baptiste with his arms out in front of a building with a vertical LGBTQ+ flag 1
Overwatch 2's Pride Event Will Be Blocked In Certain Countries

Overwatch 2 will block Pride content in specific countries in a bid to "protect" its players.

snake in the original metal gear solid 1
snake in metal gear solid snake eater remake 1
Three monkeys sitting on a sofa in front of the Fable 4 teaser asking  1
Fable Fans Think Xbox Is Teasing Something For Upcoming Showcase

An unfortunate combo of glitter and fantasy music, or a Fable 4 tease?

link and sidon fighting in tears of the kingdom 1
Magic: The Gathering and The Lord of the Rings crossover Pelennor Fields Scene with Eomer, Marshal of Rohan card by Tyler Jacobson overlayed 1
MTG's Lord Of The Rings Pelennor Fields Scene Features The Wrong Card

The Battle of the Pelennor Fields scene mistakingly used art of Théoden for Éomer.

Commander Shepard(1) 1