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Joshua Robertson is a News Editor for TheGamer. When not playing Pokemon or scaring himself silly with the latest horror games, he can usually be found begging FromSoftware for a Bloodborne remaster.

Stardew Valley characters fishing in ponds 1
Stardew Valley Fans Are Going Wild Over Creator's Iridium Scythe Tease

Just two words have managed to send the entire Stardew Valley community into a frenzy.

Activision Blizzard Investigators Confirm 29 Cases Of Harassment Last Year

Out of 114 reports of harassment, discrimination or retaliation, 29 have been substantiated by investigators.

A team of three people in Fortnite 1
Fortnite Is Unvaulting Trios For Non-Competitive Modes

Trios is back, though you won't be able to play in Ranked mode.

Commander Shepard(1) 1
Link with a New Arm on a Sky Island in Tears of the Kingdom 1
Tears Of The Kingdom Has Been Beaten In Less Than An Hour

Tears of the Kingdom has now been beaten in less time than it took most of us to leave the starting area.

Pharah from Overwatch 2 in front of a lesbian pride flag 1
Overwatch 2 Short Story Confirms Pharah Is A Lesbian

Some good news for all the Pharmercy shippers out there.

Alan Wake using a typewriter with a game case, a PS5, and a disc in the background. 1
Alan Wake 2 Has No Right Being A Digital-Only Game

Alan Wake 2 is skipping its physical release, and Remedy's reasons why are flimsy at best.

link holding the ocarina of time 1
Zelda Fans Are Debating Whether Ocarina Of Time Has Aged Well

Ocarina of Time is one of gaming's greatest titles, but does it hold up almost 25 years later.

Addison holding up a sign in Tears of the Kingdom 1
14-Dolphin Emulator 1
The people around a campfire next to a river in Roots of Pacha 1
Roots Of Pacha Is Back On Steam, Developer And Publisher Part Ways

Soda Den and Crytivo have finally come to an agreement and Roots of Pacha is available to buy once again.

A concept image for The Last of Us' Factions sequel. 1
The Last of Us Multiplayer Game Indefinitely Delayed After Setbacks

The team is reportedly being scaled back, with developers being moved to other projects.

Etrian Odyssey characters grouped up together 1
Exclusive: Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection Showcases Hellion And Ketos Boss Fights

Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection has given us a look at some of its big boss fights ahead of launch.

Kraven Spider-Man 2-1 1
Peter Parker in the symbiote suit and Miles Morales 1
Spider-Man 2 Fans Think Venom Might Actually Be Peter Parker

We still don't know who Venom is going to be, but some think it could be Spider-Man himself.

Naked Snake from Snake Eater 1
Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater Remake Will Stick With The Original Voice Cast

Konami is attempting to make the Snake Eater remake as authentic as possible.

Spider-Man Wraith Screenshot 1
Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Trailer Confirms Inclusion Of Wraith

A brief look at Kraven's tablet has given us our first look at Wraith.

Dragon's Dogma 2(1) 1
Dragon's Dogma 2 Gets First Gameplay Trailer

Capcom has shown off Dragon's Dogma 2 for the first time.

Alan Wake 1
Alan Wake 2 Launches October 17, Includes New Playable Character

Remedy has given us a closer look at Alan Wake 2.

Starfield Key Art 1
Starfield Fans Are Campaigning For An In-Game Tribute To A Fan That Passed Away

The #AlexInStarfield campaign wants Alex Hay immortalised in The Settled Systems.

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