Overwatch 2

The sequel to Blizzard's popular team-based hero shooter, Overwatch 2 features a roster of over 35 fighters and over 20 maps. It features team sizes reduced to five, aiming to create faster and more action-oriented matches, while PvE elements add to the options available.

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PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Switch, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, PC
October 4, 2022
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Overwatch 2 Baptiste with his arms out in front of a building with a vertical LGBTQ+ flag 1
Overwatch 2's Pride Event Will Be Blocked In Certain Countries

Overwatch 2 will block Pride content in specific countries in a bid to "protect" its players.

Pharah from Overwatch 2 in front of a lesbian pride flag 1
Overwatch 2 Short Story Confirms Pharah Is A Lesbian

Some good news for all the Pharmercy shippers out there.

ramattra-overwatch-2 1
Overwatch PvE And MMO Were In Development Since Launch

Overwatch's scrapped PvE mode has actually been in development since the first game's launch.

Overwatch 2 PvE 1
Overwatch 2 Is Everything Wrong With Modern Gaming

Where does Blizzard even go from here?

19-The 2 in Overwatch 2 Was Never About PVE 1
The 2 In Overwatch 2 Was Never About The PvE Hero Mode

Overwatch 2 scrapped PVE mode has people wondering why the sequel was even necessary, but Overwatch 2 was never about the co-op campaign.

Angry Winston from Overwatch 1
Overwatch 2 Fans Are Furious Over Dramatic PvE Changes

Overwatch 2's scaled back PvE announcement has gone down like a lead balloon.

Overwatch 2 1
Overwatch 2 Story Mode Coming Soon, Lots Of Content Cut

It sounds like a lot of Overwatch 2’s single-player campaign has been paired back since it was originally announced.

Mei, Moira, and Bastion emoting at the practice range 1
Overwatch 2: 10 Most Annoying Characters To Fight

When you're in a match in Overwatch 2, you don't want to face off against these heroes.

wifeleaver-lifeweaver-overwatch 1
Lifeweaver looking at the camera while standing still with a relaxed expression. 1
Overwatch 2: 10 Ways To Counter Lifeweaver

Learn how to negate Lifeweaver's strengths.

Overwatch 2 Ashe Intergalactic Smuggler Skin battle pass season 4 legendary skin, with Ashe in a cowboyish hat and gloves holding a bullet 1
A collage showing Lifeweaver holding a pink rose on the left and charging an attack on the right. 1
Overwatch 2: Lifeweaver Hero Guide

This support has some powerful crowd-control abilities.

A collage showing Lifeweaver posing with three different skins in Overwatch 2. 1
Overwatch 2: Ranking Every Lifeweaver Skin

Some excellent and some terrible outfits for the lovely support.

Moira in Overwatch 2, showing off her damage and healing magic. 1
What The Hell Is Going On With Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 updates are big and flashy, but ignore real issues like matchmaking.

Lifeweaver from Overwatch 2 1
Lifeweaver in front of a large pink tree in Overwatch 2 1
Overwatch Has An "Openly" Queer Character Now

Lifeweaver is the first Overwatch character to be known as queer right off the bat. Does it matter?

Lifeweaver in front of a large pink tree in Overwatch 2 1
Lifeweaver from Overwatch 2 1
Overwatch 2 Reveals New Support Hero Lifeweaver

Lifeweaver will be joining the fight in Season 4.

CounterStrike 2's key art. 1
The Problem With Live-Service Sequels

Live-service games are adopting the sequel model of standalone titles, but even if CS:GO 2 is a good idea, does the trend make sense?

Overwatch 2 Sombra 1
Overwatch 2 Is Finally Nerfing Sombra's Teleport And Invisibility

Sorry Sombra mains, your reign of terror will be over soon.