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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor's fifth chapter sees you in hot pursuit of your former BFF Bode. This section features a hefty amount of both puzzle platforming as well as challenging combat encounters. But worry not, as it isn't all trepidation, you will also be rewarded with one of the games most potent modules for BD-1.

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As you work your way through the Foggy Expanse, you'll not only engage in multiple encounters with the deadly Mogu, but you will face every last deadly imperial troop and droid that the empire has to throw at you. This section will conclude with an epic battle against a whole armada of the Imperials best. Strap yourselves in, as it is going to be a bumpy ride.

Fogged Expanse

Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Fogged Expanse, Leaping over the Mogu's shockwave

Upon entering the Fogged Expanse you’ll start off by fighting some Bramilk (those are the spiky things). Your best recourse is to shoot them in your Pistol Stance or Force Push them. You will see a forking path, but both paths lead to the same place, so travel down either one. At the end of the path, you’ll fight a Mogu. You will have fought a few of these at this point in the game, and this won’t be the only one you face in this area. Thankfully, now that you have an air dash, you have an excellent option for dealing with every one of the Mogu’s unblockable attacks. If it flashes red, perform a short hop and airdash away.

Once you kill the Mogu, there will be one of those self-destructing droids to the left (left if your back is facing the forking path). After taking care of it with a Force Push, look for a pile of rocks you can lift, there is a Priorite Shard underneath them. Now, travel to the right, and have BD-1 scan the malfunctioning droid for the “Monitoring Equipment” Datalog Update.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Fogged Expanse, Cal Force Pushing the Roller Mines

Grapple to the wall panels, run along them, and climb the roots up and over the cliffside. You will see a large set of doors, take your first right (with those doors to your left). Watch out, as a ton of those Roller Mine droids will pop up here. Perform a fully charged Force Push to take them all out simultaneously. Once you clear them out, slam the chest down to obtain the Soul Patch facial hair for Cal.

Now, head back to the doors, but don’t open them yet, take another right. This time, collect the seeds and look for a corpse hidden behind a rock. That corpse will have a Priorite Shard on them.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Fogged Expanse, Cal stabbing the second Mogu through the heart

Finally, let’s deal with those doors. Force Pull them open, and another Mogu will show up. After you kill it, sense the echo in here for the “Deadly Encounter” datalog update. Now, hop up to the structure above and climb, but drop down part way to slam another one of those chests and get the “detachment” pommel.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Fogged Expanse, A view of the shortcut next to the zipline

Jump across and activate the shortcut. Force Push the panel, wall run across it, and grapple to get up to a zipline. Before you use said zipline, look to your left, you will see one of those floating droids. Grapple to it and hop across the gap, you will find more seeds and a Priorite Shard here. Head back and slide down that zipline. Naturally, you're going to kill the Stormtroopers waiting at the base of it.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Fogged Expanse, Cal crawling through the crashed ship

There is another Stormtrooper squadron around the corner, but this one is much tougher. It includes a Purge Trooper and a Security Droid. Once you take them out, grapple up the rock spire, and then across to the burning ship. You will now work your way through the ship using your force abilities (just follow the prompts) and acquire the Electro Dart for BD-1.

Whenever you see an enemy droid in the distance, shoot them with an Electro Dart to recruit them to your cause! This won't work on some of the more advanced droids, but it will work on Security Droids, which is quite an advantage.

Now, use the Electro Dart to hit the generator, turning the panel so that you can wall run on it, and then use the Electro Dart on the next one, dropping the Stormtroopers to their deaths. Wall Run to cross the gap and you will be back to the beginning of the stage. However, now you will have the all-powerful Electro Dart.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Fogged Expanse, moving the panel so that you can run across it

Climb the roots near the gap and enter the building. Force Push open the window (revealing the generator), then hop back down to the platform below. Now, fire the dart at the generator through the open window. This will move the wall panel. Let it come to you, then jump over to it as it begins to and wall run on it and cross the gap. Now, kill the Stormtroopers over here (one will have one of those Gatling blasters) and follow the path up and around into a cave. This will bring you to the Marl Cavern.

Marl Cavern

Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Fogged Expanse, Cal wall running through the cavern

Scan the tanks on your right to get the “Storage Tanks” Databank Update. Next, shoot the generator with your dart, wall run across to the other side, but don’t go up the stairs, jump to the left and get to the area above the panels you ran on. Follow them around to the essence on the other side and get a health upgrade.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Fogged Expanse, Scanning the cannopy covered crate

Head back to those stairs, go up, and kill the Stormtroopers. Zipline across the gap and kill a few more troopers. Then scan the canopy-covered crate to get the “Abandoned Prospector Supplies” Data Entry. Use the elevator to open up the shortcut. Grapple up to the grapple point, and drop down on the Security Droid and Stormtrooper.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Fogged Expanse, The Red Chest near the Meditation Point

Wall run across the gap, and you will be at a new Meditation Point. Now, drop down, and take a left. Jump across the gap, and you will see a red chest. Shoot the nearby generator, and open the chest. You will get the “Textured Rubber” customization material.

From here you will be able to see inside the dock of the Imperial Base. Prepare yourself, as once you jump across this gap you are going to be in for one hell of a fight.

Battling The Imperial Armada

Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Fogged Expanse, Cal looking at the hanger from afar

Phase 1

2x Security Droids, 7x Stormtroopers

Phase 2

2x Rocket Troopers, 2x Shield Troopers, 2x Stormtrooper (with maul), 2X, Stormtrooper Commanders

Phase 3

1x Security Droid, 2x Flame Thrower Trooper, 1x Gatling Blaster Trooper, 2x Jetpack Troopers

Phase 4

5x Stormtrooper (with maul), 2x Jetpack Troopers, 2x DT Sentry Droid

We found the best loadout for this battle to be the Blaster Stance paired with the Double-Bladed stance. Make sure that you save your Force Slow ability for the final phase.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Fogged Expanse, Cal firing an Electro Dart at the Security Droid

If you don't play your cards right, this can be a pretty brutal fight. Though, if you play it smart, it can be a substantially smoother experience. The most important thing here is that you want to hit both of the Security Droids with Electro Darts from afar. This will make the fight so, so, so much easier, as it will give you two companions. Now, since you will have recruited those droids, the first wave of enemies will consist of pretty easy-to-kill Stormtroopers.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Fogged Expanse, Cal sending a rocket back at the Rocket Trooper

In the next leg of the battle, there will be Rocket Troopers positioned on the left side of the map, up above. You know the drill, Force Push those rockets right back at them. You want to make returning explosives a priority, as that will help minimize the chance of your Security Droid buddies catching one. Once you take care of the Rocket Troopers, take out the Stormtrooper Commanders. They may throw grenades at you, if they do, then Force Push them right back at them. After that, it is just the Shield Troopers and the Maul-wielding troopers. Your security troopers will already be messing them up, so just join them and finish them off.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Fogged Expanse, Preparing to shoot the Flame Trooper

The third phase will bring two Flamethrower-using Stormtroopers and another with a Gatling Blaster. If you have the Double-Bladed saber stance on you, you can quickly deflect their barrage back at them. As for the troopers with the flamethrowers, ideally, you take them out with a blaster shot, but if you don't have the Blaster Stance, you can toss your saber at them.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Fogged Expanse, Recruiting another droid

Once they are cleared out, there will be one Security Droid to deal with. Both of your Droid bros will probably still be alive and ganging up on it, so join them and take it out, you can even hack it when it is low on health and recruit it to your cause. There will be two Jetpack using Stormtroopers that show up as well, but these guys aren't particularly dangerous, though they can be slightly annoying to hit.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Fogged Expanse, Cal fighting off the two DT Sentries

The final phase brings a bunch of Stormtroopers with mauls, as well as some jetpack-using troopers. Soon after they arrive, you will have two DT Sentry Droids show up. If you have enough stored up, you'll want to slow them all down. If you don't, then keep your distance from the DT Droids as you thin out the Stormtroopers, then, once they are cleared out, start fighting the menacing droids. You will probably want to play a cat-and-mouse game until you have taken one of them out, as fighting two at a time can be pretty tough.

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