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Cal Kestis returns in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor to continue opposing the Empire, while trying to rebuild the Jedi Order. Besides the Empire, Kestis faces off against a corrupt Jedi in Dagan Gera and his second-in-command Rayvis.

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Physically intimidating, Rayvis towers over his foes and is nearly undefeated in battle. He leads a group of bandits on the planet Koboh called the Bedlam Raiders. We take a look at who exactly Rayvis is and why he’s indebted to the dangerous Gera.

This article contains minor spoilers for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Please do not continue reading unless you have completed the game.

Jedi Killer

Rayvis standing outside saloon Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Rayvis is a powerful Gen’Dai warrior who has slain several Jedi during the High Republic era. The body of a Gen’Dai is a mass collection of regenerative tentacles, which allows them to heal their wounds quickly. This species was once a peaceful one until their homeworld was destroyed and they resorted to more violent means.

The Bedlam Raiders are essentially a group of space pirates that terrorize the prospectors on Koboh. Their name comes from their home planet Bedlam, located in the Mid Rim near the Bedlam Pulsar.

Similar to General Grievous, Rayvis collects the lightsabers of his victims as trophies. When Rayvis formed the Bedlam Raiders, he would equip his most trusted officers with these weapons but he wouldn’t use one in battle.

Serving Dagan Gera

Rayvis rescuing Dagan Gera Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Before Tanalorr was attacked by the Nihil, Rayvis and Dagan Gera met in battle. Although Rayvis had defeated countless Jedi before, he was no match for Gera. The Jedi was the only person to defeat Rayvis and the Gen’Dai swore loyalty to Gera.

When Gera was sealed in the bacta tank on Koboh, Rayvis remained loyal to him. He believed the Jedi betrayed Gera and tried searching for his whereabouts but he never found him. Eventually, the Jedi finally defeated Rayvis. However, the Jedi Masters decided to spare his life and Rayvis was imprisoned.

Not receiving a warrior’s death was seen as a high dishonor to Rayvis and his hatred toward the Jedi grew. Luckily for Rayvis, Palpatine obliterated the majority of the Jedi Order and he managed to escape so he could resume his search for Gera.

Terrorizing Koboh

Rayvis threatening Turgle Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Rayvis knew Gera was located somewhere on Koboh but couldn’t find his exact location. He formed the Bedlam Raiders and activated former Separatist battle droids to boost his army. Rayvis and the raiders terrorized the Koboh settlers and nearly executed a frog before Cal Kestis intervened.

Rayvis explained that Turgle sold him a fake relic that would be used to awaken Gera. It was a device used from the High Republic era and was needed to find the Jedi. Kestis killed Zeik, one of Rayvis’s officers, and he applauded the Jedi’s victory.

Kestis holding up lightsaber on Rayvis saloon Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

The Gen’Dai warrior left Kestis in peace but he continued to monitor and follow the Jedi. Kestis managed to find and awaken Gera, then Rayvis quickly arrived to rescue Gera before Kestis defeated him.

Kestis stabbing Rayvis Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Rayvis would fight Kestis for the first time in the Lucrehulk, or at least attempt to fight. Rayvis takes the relic from Kestis and begins to charge him before BD-1 slams Rayvis through a wall with a metal container.

A Warrior’s Death

Rayvis talking to Gera Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

With Gera fully revived, Rayvis settled back into his second-in-command role. After Gera told Rayvis his plan of reclaiming Tanalorr, Rayvis told him he would consider his oath completed to Gera. Rayvis says the galaxy has changed and there is little honor won in war. Gera envisions a new war for the both of them after they reach Tanalorr.

The Shattered Moon is in orbit around Koboh which was torn apart by an Emergence. The Emergence caused massive damage to Koboh as well, but over time, the broken rocks formed a ring around the moon and the orbit became stable.

Gera sends Rayvis to the Shattered Moon to activate the array and open the path for Gera to reach Santari Khri’s observatory for the compass. However, Kestis arrived and fought Rayvis for a second time. Rayvis uses a large metal mace and fires rockets from his space suit.

Kestis kills Rayvis Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Kestis defeats Rayvis and the Jedi asks for his assistance in fighting Gera. But Rayvis shows no interest in fighting anymore and asks for Kestis to give him a warrior’s death. He tries one last attack but Kestis deflects him and finally kills Rayvis and honors him.

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