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In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the High Republic has positioned secretive chambers all around the great landscape of Koboh. Though, they're not necessarily difficult to find, so it's a total wonder they were never excavated previously by any other would-be traveler. Still, they offer Cal goodies and perks.

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When you solve the puzzles in the Chamber of Ambidexterity, you can claim the Ambidexterity Perk for yourself. Like all chambers, however, you're going to have to use the ol' noggin to claim the prize. Or, just follow our handy step-by-step guide on the whole process.

How To Access The Chamber Of Ambidexterity

Cal gliding on a Relter to a ledge in Jedi Survivor

For starters, the Chamber of Ambidexterity is a bit of an odd duck as far as High Republic Chambers are concerned. Unlike its siblings, it doesn't have a traditional chamber-like entrance with an elevator. In fact, you might even find yourself inside it without ever realizing it if you're a meticulous explorer.

The chamber can be found in the Devastated Settlement area. This area will be accessed during a main storyline mission requiring you to use lasers to melt away Koboh Matter blocking steam vents in the lava.

This enables you to gain verticality when gliding over them with a Relter. Once you reach the highest point in the Devastated Settlement, there is Meditation Point called the Grand Courtyard.

It's best to have reached this point before tackling the chamber.

Cal at the Grand Courtyard meditation point in Jedi Survivor

The chamber is nestled in the mountainside to the right of the courtyard and directly down across from the chasm.

Cal in front of the entry way to the Chamber of Ambidexterity in Jedi Survivor-1

You will need to head to the last laser you used to unclog the final lava vent. It's the one on the far side of the gorge sitting in front of a waterfall.

Kal aiming his beam across the gorge

Aim the laser across the gorge. You will see a major vertical crack on the cliffside. The chamber is just barely to the right.

You'll see a cube sitting on one ledge. Underneath that, look for the three vertical lines or ridges in the mountainside and aim directly below the middle line.

It's difficult to make out from this distance, but pay attention to the detail here. This will clear the Koboh matter blocking the chamber entrance.

Cal aiming beam across gorge in Jedi Survivor-1

Then, grab a Relter and glide on over to this point.

Completing The Chamber Of Ambidexterity

Cal burning the blockage with Koboh matter in the Chamber of Ambidexterity in Jedi Survivor

This is, perhaps, the smallest and simplest chamber you will encounter in Jedi: Survivor. Upon entering, you'll be greeted by a hostile BX Droid. Do what you do best and cut this hunk of metal down to size.

Cal fighting a BX droid in the chamber of Ambidexterity in Jedi Survivor

There will be other Separatist Droids inside the chamber. Eliminate them before proceeding.

Cal fighting a B1 droid in the Chamber of Ambidexterity in Jedi Survivor

Once the enemies are eliminated, use BD-1's Koboh Grinder to spray Koboh Matter from the beam's contact point on the wall at the entrance of the chamber.

Draw a line of matter on the floor inside the chamber all the way to the passageway blocked by Koboh Matter. The beam will burn it out, making it accessible.

Cal igniting a trail of Koboh matter in the Chamber of Ambidexterity in Jedi Survivor

As a note, make sure you don't miss the Datadisc which is located on the right side of the first room in the chamber. Then, just to the left of the Datadisc is an alcove that BD-1 can scan for additional data if you're interested in gathering that.

BD-1 scanning a wall in the Chamber of Ambidexterity in Jedi Surivor

Then, head into the room that is now available after clearing away the Koboh Matter blockage. Here, you'll find the Perk and the completion of the Chamber of Ambidexterity. Told you it was a rather simple affair.

About The Ambidexterity Perk

Cal burning the blockage with Koboh matter in the Chamber of Ambidexterity in Jedi Survivor-2

This perk will cost you three Perk Slots. Ultimately, it will increase the damage output of your lightsaber attacks when first shooting enemies with the blaster. So it's a worthwhile perk for those using the blaster stance.

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