The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom lets fans run wild with all sorts of tools and devices, leading to a series of incredible creations being posted online for everyone to see, be impressed by, or laugh at the ridiculous freedom that we have in this torn apart Hyrule.

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One fan, however, took to creating an entire site where players can post their creations - Each creation comes complete with instructions on how to build them and what devices and parts you'll need to build them. These are the best creations we've seen on the community site that you'll want to take a look at and build for yourself.

Lightbox For Compendium Page

This build by user Freshhy is a simple-but-creative one. While a lot of these builds will be intended for traversal or for combat, the Lightbox for Compendium is exactly what it says - something you can use to place items in and get presentable and consistent pictures for your compendium.

It might not be the most important thing in the game, but if you've decided to go through your inventory and catalog everything you have on hand, this is a much better method than just dropping stuff on the floor. Have some respect.

9 Korok Kannon - By Squishguin

Korok Kannon Page

Okay, so there has been plenty of people messing with the Koroks in Tears of the Kingdom, but hear us out with this one. The Korok Kannon is designed to load up a Korok and fire them off in a direction, making transporting them a distance much easier.

Now, whether you want to use this to help Koroks reunite with their friends, or for... whatever other purposes - well that's up to you. All we're saying is that this is a pretty great and useful design.

8 Wing Launcher - By Squishguin

Wing Launcher Page

There are plenty of times in Tears of the Kingdom when you'll want to travel a good distance by use of Zonai Wings. However, it's not always easy to get it going on a strong trajectory without the use of rockets, fans, and convenient terrain.

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The Wing Launcher is here to help, offering a method to send the Wing up into the air with you on it, maximizing the distance you'll glide. If you see something in the distance, need to cross a large gap that you don't have the stamina for, or are just a little bored, then this creation is for you.

7 Mobile Death Ray - By Shadester

Mobile Death Ray Page

The Mobile Death Ray is the first combat-oriented contraption on this list. This device is designed to travel across the terrain as it sends out spirals of fire towards whatever unlucky thing is in its path.

This one does require a unique method of taking contraptions out of a shrine and then utilizing it for the build, but ultimately, the deathly results make the effort worth it. No enemy in Hyrule stands a chance here - just make sure you have plenty of Energy Cells.

6 The Worldbreaker I - By Akario

The Worldbreaker I Page

Take to the skies and the sea in style with The Worldbreaker I. This first version of an airship is an incredibly unique creation in the game, and it looks fantastic. With a steering stick, plenty of fans, and hot air balloons aplenty, you'll be sailing the clouds like Hyrule has never seen before.

This build will require going to a specific location to grab the boat as a basis, and then you'll need plenty of fans - plus the Energy Cells just to keep the thing running for a short while - but who can say no to this?

5 Attack Helicopter - By Squishguin

Attack Helicopter Page

Back to a wild contraption of mass destruction, the Attack Helicopter is... well, it's exactly that. Fans will get the propellers (or, you know, wooden beams) spinning, and from there you can unleash whatever you have from the skies.

Attach canons to the front of it if you have extra Energy Cells, or just stand there firing off bomb flowers onto your foes. Or, if all else fails, just sit down and relax as this totally stable vehicle carries you away.

4 Automatic Tank - By Hoks

Automatic Tank Page

With a simple build with only three parts, this little guy will do some serious damage. With a homing cart, a Zonai head, and a canon, what could go wrong? For the enemy, a lot.

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The Automatic Tank will drive itself towards nearby enemies while firing off canons in their direction. Being so cheap to build, you could even place down a few of them at the entrance of an enemy camp. Send them in in the midst of the night, and no one will know what hit them.

3 Combat Buggy - By Willjhk

Combat Buggy Page

This Combat Buggy might be a little expensive to make or recreate, but if you're off to explore the Depths for a significant amount of time, then it can come in super handy. With all-terrain wheels, stabilizers, and an armored design, it'll keep Link safe from many of those lurking dangers.

Able to cross difficult environments with ease, you can use the canons on board to take on groups of enemies or even mini-bosses. Whatever the purpose, this vehicle can make exploration a lot smoother, so don't skip out on this one.

2 Master Cycle 2.0 - By Squishguin

Master Cycle 2.0 Page

Many fans miss the Master Cycle that was added to Breath of the Wild via DLC, and while we can't craft it in all of its glory, we can aim for the same result. The Master Cycle 2.0.

This bike-like design allows Link to speed across the land of Hyrule, and though it might not be infinite, it's cheap enough to recreate on a regular basis. While a lot will be taking you to the skies and below the surface, there's plenty to explore just on ground level, so you might as well do so on this fine vehicle.

1 Hover Bike - By SM239

Hover Bike Page

This is perhaps the simplest build here, but that's what makes it one of the best - and it's clear by the high ratings. The Hover Bike is made up of two fans and a steering stick... that's it.

Stuck together in this specific way, it makes for a little bike that Link can fly up into the skies and control pretty easily. Whether for reaching things up high, travelling between sky islands, or just skipping something that looks threatening in the Depths, this is a top choice to have in your Autobuild favorites.

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