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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor continues the story of Cal Kestis, a Jedi on the run from the Empire following Emperor Palpatine’s surprise attack. Since the conclusion of Jedi: Fallen Order, Kestis has completed a series of missions to gather intel for Rebel leader Saw Gerrera.

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The opening mission in Jedi: Survivor features a new crew that Kestis works with, including one Bode Akuna. While fans will quickly gravitate toward this galactic heartthrob, there’s much more than meets the eye with the gunslinger. We take a look at who exactly Akuna is and how he impacts the story of Jedi: Survivor.

The following article contains major spoilers for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Please do not continue reading unless you have completed the main story.

Jedi In Hiding

Bode with Cal and Bravo on Coruscant In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

During the Clone Wars, Akuna served as a Jedi Knight and was assigned by the Jedi High Council to monitor Republic Intelligence. Because he was already in hiding for his mission from the council, it was easy for Akuna to disappear after Emperor Palpatine’s infamous Order 66.

For years, Akuna drifted through space and found work as a mercenary and freelance gunslinger. He quickly learned how to use a blaster with high efficiency to hide his Jedi abilities and lightsaber.

Cal looking at Bode's family photo In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Akuna married a woman named Tayala, and the pair had a daughter named Kata on the planet Birren. This planet was located in the Inner Rim and was originally populated by Alderaanians and Arkanisians.

Denvik Jedi Survivor In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Unfortunately, Tayala was killed by the Empire’s Inquisitors, and Akuna fled the planet with Kata. Akuna contacted his former superior in the Republic Intelligence, Lank Denvik, who was now serving as a commander in the Galactic Empire.

Denvik agreed to protect Kata and keep Akuna’s true identity hidden in exchange for Akuna’s assistance in personal missions for Denvik.

Find Cal Kestis

Everyone eating at bonfire on Jedha In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Since the events of Jedi: Fallen Order, Kestis has become a top target for the Empire. Denvik receives intel on where Kestis might be located and instructs Akuna to infiltrate Kestis’s team to capture him and Jedi Master Cere Junda.

Denvik is aware that Master Junda has been leading the Hidden Path, a network that helps safeguard Force users and those who oppose the Empire.

Akuna managed to infiltrate the Stinger Mantis crew and quickly befriended Kestis on their mission on Coruscant. Because everyone on the mission died besides Akuna, Kestis naturally grew close to Akuna. The pair would meet up on Koboh, and Kestis would ask for Akuna’s help in finding Tanalorr and stopping Dagan Gera.

Ultimate Betrayal

Bode betrays Cal and kills Eno Cordova In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Gera managed to find the lost compass and a way back to Tanalorr. Akuna helped Kestis in the final fight against Gera and the two of them managed to kill the corrupted Jedi. When they returned to Jedha with the compass, Kestis told Akuna he plans on rebuilding the Jedi Order with the help of the Hidden Path.

Akuna was suspiciously skeptical of Kestis’s plan and finally revealed his true identity. He stole the compass and murdered Jedi Master Eno Cordova. While Akuna fled from the Archive, he relayed Junda and the Hidden Path’s location to the Empire and they quickly began deploying Stormtroopers.

Kestis caught up to Akuna and the pair fought in the middle of the desert, with Akuna getting the upper hand on Kestis. Although Akuna betrayed Kestis, he did view him as his best friend and spared his life.

Final Fight On Tanalorr

Cal meeting Kata In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

With the compass now in his possession, Akuna traveled to Nova Garon, an Imperial base where his daughter was hiding. Kestis followed Akuna to the Imperial base and interrogated Denvik about his agreement with Akuna.

Kestis finds Kata and tries to use her innocence as a way to bring Akuna back to the light, but he’s unsuccessful. Akuna manages to escape the base and travel to Tanalorr, where he planned to live peacefully with his daughter.

Cal kills Bode In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

However, Kestis finds a way to travel to Tanalorr without the compass. Once again, Kestis and Merrin tried to reason with Akuna but the former Jedi was too far gone to the dark side. The three of them engage in an epic battle in the ruins of an ancient Jedi temple.

Bringing Kata onboard the Mantis In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Even though Kestis still tried to save Akuna’s life, he was forced to kill him in the end. As an acknowledgment of the friendship Kestis believed he and Akuna shared, the Mantis adopted Kata to their crew and vowed to protect her.

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