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Star Wars Longest Games Featured Split Image Knights Of The Republic And Skywalker Saga 1
8 Longest Star Wars Games Ever

All of these games provide you with a lengthy Star Wars adventure.

Bastila looks to the side while talking on Dantooine. Juhani is persuaded to leave the Grove. Carth Onasi talks to you on Taris is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. 1
Star Wars KOTOR: How To Romance Characters

You don't have to use the Force to learn how to romance characters in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic; you just need to use this guide.

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KOTOR-2-1 1
It Looks Like KOTOR 2's DLC Has Been Quietly Cancelled

The KOTOR 2 announcement trailer has been updated to remove all mention of the restored content DLC, suggesting it was quietly cancelled.

Starkiller shouting in the rain as his body bursts with lightning. 1
Star Wars Jedi Fans Want Starkiller To Be The Trilogy's Final Villain

Some fans want to see Starkiller return to fight Cal Kestis in Star Wars Jedi 3.

KOTOR Remake Delay 1
KOTOR Remake Still Listed As In Development, Despite Cancellation Rumours

The KOTOR remake is still listed in Embracer Group's release schedule, despite recent rumours.

the armorer holding the darksaber in the mandalorian 1
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Bug Lets Cal Wield The Darksaber

A glitch so good, some of you think it's an easter egg.

B1 Droids with a Fortnite tweet layered on top saying  1
Fortnite Fans Confused Over Star Wars Droid Tease

Fortnite teased Droids in the middle of a Clone Wars-themed Star Wars event, but they never came.

An X-Wing and a TIE Fighter battling near a Star Destroyer 1
Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order YouTube Lets Play 1
Star Wars Jedi Survivor Fans Share Ideas For The Title Of The Potential Follow-Up 1
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Fans Discuss What A Third Game Should Be Called

Star Wars Jedi: Turgle is among the top results. Respawn, take note.

Tears of the Kingdom Link holding a Zonaite Spear 1
A collage of three different Star Wars games with lightsaber customization. 1
10 Star Wars Games That Let You Customize Your Lightsaber Like Jedi: Fallen Order

A good Star Wars game gives the player a lightsaber to customize. These are some games that utilize this feature pretty well.

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KOTOR Remake Delay 1
The KOTOR Remake Will Never Come Out, Says Insider

Don't expect anything new from the KOTOR remake this showcase season.

Anakin Skywalker, Boba Fett, and Darth Vader in Fortnite. 1
Fortnite: 10 Best Star Wars Skins

Bring a galaxy far, far away to Fortnite with these Star Wars skins.

Kal Kestis pointing a lightsaber at an enemy 1
Star Wars Best Games Featured Split Image Cal And Darth Maul 1
The 9 Best Star Wars Video Games, Officially Ranked

The Star Wars franchise has paved the way for some amazing video game adaptations! Here are 25 of the best, officially ranked!

STAR WARS Jedi_ Survivor Bode on the Mantis 1
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Doesn’t Trust You With Its Biggest Battles

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor offers epic battles, but constantly interrupts them to make sure you're playing right

anakin piloting a podracer in star wars racer 1
The Best Star Wars Game Vehicles - The Lego Millennium Falcon, Star Wars Demolition Box Art and an AT-ST from Star Wars Battlefront 2 1
The 9 Best Star Wars Game Vehicles

Whether it's for traversal, a home base, or a weapon, these vehicles in the games are iconic in their own right.

Star Wars TCG 1
Star Wars: Unlimited TCG Will Feature Space And Ground Combat

Our first look at the upcoming Star Wars TCG reveals how Luke will fight.