man and woman in steins;gate my darling's embrace 1
Japanese YouTuber Arrested For Sharing Gameplay Footage

It's the first time anyone in Japan has ever been arrested for this reason.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order YouTube Lets Play 1
Tenacious D Jack Black Kyle Gass Video Games Arthur Morgan Red Dead Redemption 1
Tenacious D Music Video Shows Jack Black As Link, Arthur Morgan, And Lara Croft

Jack Black sure knows a lot about video games for someone who never plays video games.

MrBeast Town Vivarium 1
MrBeast Buying His Employees A Street To Live On Is Bad, Actually

I hope he knows what a company town is

2-YouTuber Sprays Gamers With Deodorant 1
YouTuber Sprays Gamers With Deodorant, Told Off By Convention Staff

Boggles has been banned from all future DreamHack events for spraying convention goers and staff with deodorant.

Elder Scrolls Redguard Cyrus drinking a potion. 1
The Elder Scrolls: Redguard Speedrun Record Drops From Two Hours To 18 Minutes

MoistCritikal's new $10,000 speedrunning challenge is all about Redguard, and in one day, fans have got its world record down to sub-20 minutes.

did-you-know-gaming 1
Did You Know Gaming Hacked, All Videos Removed

Did You Know Gaming has been hacked and rebranded into an account based on crypto.

Markiplier and the inside of a submarine in Iron Lung 1
Markiplier Is Turning Indie Horror Hit Iron Lung Into A Movie

The creator will direct and star in the title.

MrBeast's Chris in front of a blue and white background 1
Everyone Shut Up About Chris From MrBeast

Chris, one of MrBeast's team, recently came out as transgender. Unfortunately, some people think that's their business.

Elden Ring mod that adds Boletaria side-by-side with Demon's Souls' first level 1
Elden Ring Fans Port Demon's Souls' First Level Into Game

We're one step closer to playing Demon's Souls on PC.

jidion 1
Raid Shadow Legends Web Series showing a crowd of people marching with purple banners and white spider emblems  1
Raid: Shadow Legends Is Going From YouTube Pop-Ups To Limited Web Series In May

The game turned meme thanks to its constant YouTube sponsorships and ads is getting a limited web series in May.

3-KSI Plans To Fight Either Jake Paul Or Tommy Fury Before He Retires This Year 1
KSI Plans To Fight Either Jake Paul Or Tommy Fury Before He Retires This Year

KSI has laid out his fight plans for 2023 but says he'll return to music in 2024.

MrBeast 121m views 1
MrBeast Is Only A Good Person For Views

One of YouTube’s most subscribed to content creators has a reputation for outrageous philanthropy – but who is he hurting in the process?

sophia the robot xset jacob arce interview 1
XSET Believes Robots Are The Future Of Content Creation

The esports organisation has signed Sophia the robot as a content creator, but that’s just the start

Super Mario 64 speedrunner sliding into a 1-Up in a tunnel 1
Super Mario 64
Mario Speedrunner Wall Jumps For An Hour To Survive Getting "Impossible" 1-Up

In that time, you could watch the entirety of the new Mario movie.

Valkyrae looking at the camera while speaking into a microphone during a stream 1
Valkyrae And Her Mom Want To Adopt A Baby Together

YouTube streamer Valkyrae announced on Twitter that she wants to adopt a child with her mom.

mrbeast biting a feastables bar 1
MrBeast Fans Are Heading To Walmart To Fix His Feastables Displays

The YouTube sensation isn't happy with the way his chocolate bars look in the wild.

dr-disrespect-blue-red 1
Dr Disrespect Doubles Down On Blockchain Games

"People saying 'scam' and ‘ugh’ are just brain dead headline followers."