Fans of Cal Kestis' adventures in a galaxy far, far away are discussing the name of a potential third entry in Respawn's action series, which will wrap up the remaining storylines from both Fallen Order and Survivor. While the studio itself has not yet commented on the possible follow-up or its title, the sequel's ending and its strong sales figures at launch suggest that fans may have a lot to anticipate in the future.

Please note that there are minor story spoilers ahead, so if you haven't completed Jedi: Survivor yet, look away. But for those of you who have beaten the game, a thread on the Fallen Order subreddit was kicked off by user Sabazell, who offered their own name idea: "Star Wars Jedi: Legacy." They said that this would fit as the next game could explore the impact left by the characters encountered throughout the series. Also, these were the last words Cal said to Cere, promising to continue her legacy.

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Other fan theories have quickly emerged, including "Star Wars Jedi: Turgle," as this new frog man character has certainly captured people's affection. More serious alternatives include "Jedi: Master," "Jedi: New Order," "Jedi: Destiny," or even "Jedi: Sacrifice." Another popular option is "Jedi: Rise" or "Jedi: Rising," although despite its appeal, some fans expressed concerns about the potential connection to a certain divisive Disney film. Oh, and there is this promising one — "Star Wars Jedi: Outcast," which would pay homage to the original game. Some fans even began imagining the return of Kyle Katarn with a fresh storyline, but that's a discussion for another time.

As fans see it, the potential third entry will revolve around Cal's journey to become a mentor and father figure to Bode's daughter Kata, or stepping into the role previously held by Cere as a leader of the Hidden Path. With Kata potentially ending up as Cal's first apprentice, this narrative direction adds weight to titles like "Jedi: Master" or "Jedi: New Order" proposed above. Given the events of Jedi: Survivor, players also anticipate that Cal Kestis will face increased temptation from the dark side of the Force, which could be reflected in the chosen title for the game.

While the suggested titles may sound appealing, it's important to acknowledge that the actual title of the third game will be directly linked to its story, which remains totally unknown to fans at this point. Nevertheless, hopes are high for another major installment in Respawn's Jedi series, so hopefully, we'll learn something about it rather soon.

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