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Underused Mechanics and Features collage: Mr X in Resident Evil 2, Mario from Super Mario Odyssey and an Orc from Shadow of Mordor 1
The 8 Best Underused Game Features And Mechanics

Yes, it still hurts that the Nemesis system was patented.

The Best Ubisoft Games - South Park The Fractured But Whole, Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Splinter Cell 1
The 10 Best Ubisoft Games

From Assassin's Creed to Far Cry, Ubisoft has published lots of great games.

The Best Star Wars Game Vehicles - The Lego Millennium Falcon, Star Wars Demolition Box Art and an AT-ST from Star Wars Battlefront 2 1
The 9 Best Star Wars Game Vehicles

Whether it's for traversal, a home base, or a weapon, these vehicles in the games are iconic in their own right.

The Best Star Wars Game Villains - Malak from Knights of the Old Republic, The Second Sister from Jedi Fallen Order and Rom Mohc from Dark Forces 1
Star Wars
The 9 Best Star Wars Game Villains

Here are the best villains in Star Wars video games!

Horizon: Forbidden West split image. Aloy aiming her bow and wearing a Carja outfit. 1
Horizon Forbidden West: Things To Do After You Beat The Game

You might be wrapping up on Horizon Forbidden West, but there is still plenty for you to do out in the wilds.

A collage showing Splinter Cell Double Agent, Batman Arkham Asylum and Rex from Metal Gear Solid 1
8 Games That Hinted At Their Sequels

If you didn't see these sequels/spiritual successors coming, you weren't paying attention.

Games Ruined by One Moment - Mass Effect art work, Big Boss in Metal gear Solid 5 and the Baker Family in Resident Evil 7 1
9 Great Games Ruined By One Moment

On the whole, these games are great - but they all have a specific moment that takes their greatness down a peg.

Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, Ezio in Assassin's Creed II and Max Payne from Max Payne 3 1
10 Games That Didn't Need Multiplayer

They could have stayed a purely single-player experience.

Non-Arkham Batman Games, Batman The Brave and the Bold The Videogame, Batman Vengeance and The Adventures of Batman and Robin 1
The 10 Best Non-Arkham Batman Games

The world's greatest detective is known for more than just the Rocksteady games.

Marcus Fenix from Gears of War 4, Spider-Man and the Mass Effect Legendary Edition cover art 1
The 10 Best Games That Revived A Series

Before these video game series lost popularity, their sequels (or remakes) revitalized them and brought them back into the limelight.

The Best Missions in the GTA Series. Woozie and CJ in San Andreas, Tommy in Vice City and Michael in GTA V 1
The 11 Best Missions In The Grand Theft Auto Series

Don't worry, we haven't included missions that involve piloting air vehicles... right?

Game art from The Witcher 3. 1
The Best Villains In The Witcher 3

You meet plenty of characters throughout The Witcher 3, and many of them are villainous. These are the best of them.

Amicia from A Plague Tale, Final Fantasy 13 cover art and Rafe from Uncharted 4 1
9 Games That Introduced A Mechanic Too Late

We wish we could have used these powers and weapon way sooner!

Metal Gear Rex, Detective Pikachu and Master Chief 1
10 Big Franchises That Should Have A VR Game

We want to get our virtual hands on any of these games.

Games Like Star Trek: Guardians of the Galaxy, Returnal and Mass Effect posters 1
8 Best Games To Play If You Like Star Trek

These are the best games to play if you're a Star Trek fan.

Marcus Fenix from Gears 5, Banjo Kazooie, Joanna Dark and Master Chief from Halo Infinite 1
10 Characters That Should Be In An Xbox Smash Bros. Clone

If Xbox were to make a Super Smash Bros. clone, these are the characters that deserve to be on the roster.

Best MiniGames in Open World Games: Golf in GTA V, Fishing in The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening and Gwent in the Witcher 1
The Best Minigames In Open World Games

You already know there will be a card game here, right?

Arms poster, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker poster and Yoshi's Crafted World poster. 1
Nintendo Switch Games Everyone Forgot About

These games may have flown under the radar, but they're still well worth your time.

The Most Misleading Video Game Cover Art: Mega Man Cover art, Forsaken 64 cover art and Dragon's Lair cover art. 1
The Most Misleading Video Game Cover Art

We will never forgive what they did to us with MGS2.

Split image screenshots of Batman in front of Arkham Asylum, Jacob Lee in The Callisto Protocol, and the two prisoners in A Way Out. 1
10 Games Set In A Prison

Whether you want to run a prison, break free, or something else, these video games are the ones to do it in.

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