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Since The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom is a sequel to Breath Of The Wild, you're bound to encounter a lot of returning elements. In addition to the various locations, items, and types of mechanics, there are also plenty of familiar faces.

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Among them are the children of the forest, AKA the Koroks. There are plenty hiding and waiting to give you Korok Seeds as well as backpackers who are just trying to reach their friends. Accompanying them is the large and energetic Hestu who's willing to dance for you as long as you help him out and fuel his maracas.

Hestu's Services And Quest

Tears Of The Kingdom Hestu Shield Dance

Hestu is one of the more important NPCs in the game since he provides a service that is able to expand either your Weapon, Bow, or Shield inventory (stash) by one full slot. In order to do this, you need to give him Korok Seeds.

He starts by only asking for one per upgrade by quickly ramping up the price, so you're encouraged to find and help as many Koroks as possible. To access his services, you need to find Hestu in one of several locations.

You can first encounter him on the path leading to Lindor's Brow Skyview Tower, which is northwest of Castle Town, overlooking Hyrule Castle.

If you follow the road past the Geoglyph with Impa and the nearby Stables and head up the hill, you'll find Hestu cowering in fear. Talking to him will initiate the Side Quest called Hestu's Concerns. He won't say much, simply muttering about scary trees.

Tears Of The Kingdom Running Around Lindor's Brow

He's referring to an enemy known as Evermeans, which are sentient trees that will attack Link on sight.

They look just like regular trees and will uproot themselves to walk toward you if you get close enough. Their only attack is to slam down whichever way they're moving, but it's easy to sidestep it.

There are several Evermeans up ahead of Hestu's spot, and you simply need to eliminate them. They're not particularly strong with Fire Fruit and Axes being effective ways of defeating them quickly.

Once you do, you just need to return to Hestu, and he'll be back to his normal self. He'll offer you his services and after he does so three times, he'll leave for another location, saying something about a city.

Hestu's Other Locations

Tears Of The Kingdom Entering The Great Hyrule Forest

After helping out Hestu with his concerns, you can conveniently find him in Lookout Landing. By warping to the Skyview Tower nearby, you can reach him quickly and will find him standing under a tree in the southeast corner of the landing. Hestu will be much more established here and is prepared to offer you his services multiple times, which will burn through your Korok Seeds quite fast.

The final place that Hestu can be found is unsurprisingly in the Korok Forest. This is a peaceful location hidden away in the Great Hyrule Forest. You can reach the forest by following this guide. Once you do, you can find Hestu standing to the side, where he'll always be available to dance for you and expand all your stashes.

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