Magic: The Gathering's Serialised One Ring card was just shown off in a video detailing the process of how and why it was made, and it already appears to have pringled.

Next month, the long-awaited MTG Lord of the Rings crossover, Tales of Middle-earth arrives, bringing with it a host of new cards based on Tolkien's beloved franchise, including some cards based on the animated movie. As exciting as the whole set is, without a doubt the most interesting card that it's introducing is the Serialised One Ring card, also confusingly known as the One-of-One The One Ring.

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Controversially, one of the unique gimmicks of the Lord of the Rings set is that, fittingly to the source material, there will only ever be one Serialised One Ring card in the world, which has already made it a very valuable collector's item that's already worth at least $100,000. Anyone hoping to follow in Frodo's footsteps and get their hands on the One Ring might be surprised to learn that, even though it's not officially out yet, it's already started pringling.

Yesterday, the official Magic: The Gathering YouTube channel shared a video detailing the creative process behind the Serialised One Ring card, which included a short clip showing what it looks like in person. Unfortunately, that brief glimpse was enough to tell MTG fans that the incredibly rare card has begun to fold in on itself, as the video shows that the corners of the Serialised One Ring are already pringling.

This was pointed out over on the MTG subreddit by Redditor gr3EnDr4g0n, who shared a screenshot of the card and pointed out that it's already showing signs of pringling. For those who don't know, "pringling" is a term used to refer to cards, particularly foil ones, that have folded in on themselves like the crisps they're named after, which is believed to happen because of how the metal used on the cards reacts to temperature and humidity.

Although you'd expect MTG players to be incredibly annoyed that one of the rarest cards in the whole of Magic: The Gathering is showing signs of wear and tear without even being released, it seems that most fans aren't even surprised as the Reddit post is full of jokes about how the card will eventually be worn as a ring. It's also stolen my eternal nickname - the "Single Pringle".

The Reddit community might be having fun with the Single Pringle, but the comments underneath the YouTube video are a bit more indicative of how big an issue it is, as nearly everyone is pointing out how such a valuable card is already curling. One comment puts it best, "Ah, good job wotc. Even your top-of-the-line showpiece whale spear turns into a friggen taco. Incredible".

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