Like any game that comes out on a PlayStation console, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has a whole list of trophies that you can earn. There are plenty of story-related ones that you will unlock just by playing through, as well as several that are pretty easy to pick up.

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However, along with those are a slew of difficult ones to achieve. These trophies are the main obstacle between you and an elusive Platinum trophy and the bragging rights that go with it. If you want to know the ones that are almost guaranteed to give you a hard time, here they are.

8 Perk Of The Job – Equip Perks In All Slots

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Screenshot Of Cal With Lightsaber

Jedi Survivor allows you to equip a bunch of perks that alter Cal's abilities. When the feature is introduced, you automatically get three perk slots, but there are ten overall. You have to fill all ten to get this trophy.

Nabbing enough perks is relatively easy, as you'll probably find them fairly often, and some take up several slots. Yet, unlocking all ten slots takes a bit of time, considering they're well-hidden. You will have to scour Koboh and Jedha to locate them.

7 Gambler – Win All Holotactics Matches

A line of Heavy Assault Troopers fires upon enemy units in Holotactics in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Holotactics is an enjoyable mini-game provided by a friendly duo you meet on Koboh. In it, you can use virtual troopers, droids, and wild creatures to take on an opposing virtual army. There are several different opponents for you to face. If you beat them all, you get the Gambler trophy. This is easier said than done, though.

Succeeding in Holotactics is about thinking tactically and picking the right soldiers. It can be tough to win all the skirmishes, especially the ones against the higher-ranked opposition. A handy in-depth guide can help anyone struggling with the Holotactics mini-game.

6 Splurge - Purchase All Of Doma's Merchandise

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Screenshot Of Doma At Shop

You meet Doma early in the game, and not long later, you get access to her shop near Pyloon Saloon. She has all sorts of things available, from hairstyles to outfits to music. If you buy it all, you get the Splurge trophy.

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The tricky part is that she only parts with her goods in exchange for Priorite Shards, which you can find lying around Koboh. To be able to afford everything in her store, you will need a whopping 100 of them. This takes plenty of searching.

5 Caji Match – Gain The Attention Of A Mysterious Stranger

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Screenshot Of Caji In Pyloon's Saloon

The description of the Caji Match trophy immediately adds to the difficulty of earning it, as it's very vague. All the description says is "gain the attention of a mysterious stranger." What it means is you must defeat all the bounty hunters in the game.

These bounty hunter-hunting missions become available in chapter three after you're approached by Caji. Completing each one is tricky because these rogues don't go down easy. Some are exceptional fighters that only the best or most determined players will be able to beat.

4 Blood, Sweat, And Tears - Complete All Force Tears

An image of Cal Kestis from Star Wars Jedi: Survivor driving his lightsaber into the hide of a Rancor, a ferocious beast found in the force tear Fractured Malice.

While roaming around various areas, you can find Force Tears. As the name suggests, these are tears in the Force that Cal can enter. Inside is either a parkour or combat challenge for you to complete.

Some of them are simple, while a few are significantly difficult. The latter group makes completing all 15 of them an arduous task. Yet, that is exactly what you have to do to earn the cleverly titled Blood, Sweat, And Tears trophy.

3 I'm A Living Legend - Defeat All Legendary Adversaries

Cal holds his double-blade lightsaber in a defenstive stance as the Spawn of Oggdo lunges forward with its mouth open

Most of the places you go in Jedi Survivor are filled with dangers. Several of the most perilous places serve as the home to legendary enemies. And they don't get the title of 'legendary' by being easy to beat. These are among the toughest bosses you will fight in the game.

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That is why defeating all 13 of them and nabbing the I'm A Living Legend trophy is no easy feat. It's worth doing, though, as not only do you get a silver trophy, but one of the legendary monsters, The Spawn Of Oggdo Bogdo, drops Cal's iconic poncho when you defeat it.

2 Intergalactic Geographic – Scan Every Type Of Enemy To Fill Out The Tactical Guide

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Screenshot Of BD-1 On Workbench

Cal might not quite be the most powerful Jedi to feature in Star Wars games, but he is one of the most well-prepared. This is shown by the fact he carries around a full tactical guide, explaining how best to combat every enemy he comes across.

Every entry is added either automatically or by scanning a foe you've just beat. So, the process of adding them is simple. Yet, getting them all for the Intergalactic Geographic trophy is more complicated because that means facing all the dangerous bounty hunters and legendary adversaries.

1 The Jedi Survivor - Unlock All Trophies

Star Was Jedi Survivor with Cal holding a lightsaberand BD-1 on his shoulder looking at the blue glow.

The Jedi Survivor is the hardest trophy to earn by default. After all, it is the Platinum Trophy that you receive for unlocking all the others. Doing so will take a significant amount of time, as you have to engage in everything the game has to offer.

On the bright side, if you can nab all the most difficult trophies, then you're well on your way to getting them all. After all, Jedi Survivor isn't the hardest game to 100 percent complete. You just need dedication and enough free time to do it.

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