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Even the people who don't play The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom will know about the Shrine mechanic since it's the core part of the game, and you'll be spending most of your time in them. Each time you complete four Shrines, you get to have some extra permanent health or stamina.

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These Shrines can be found both on the surface and the sky level in the game, and Kitawak is one of the surface shrines. It's easy to get to this one since it's located in the open, but it can be quite hard to beat it.

How To Find Kitawak Shrine

Tears Of The Kingdom Kitawak Shrine Location

After you progress through the main story in the game, you'll get to the surface map, which will be divided into multiple areas with clear boundaries. You'll have to activate the Skyview Tower in a particular area to reveal its map, but the game doesn't stop you from freely exploring the non-revealed areas.

The Kitawak Shrine can be found in the bottom right area, and you don't necessarily have to unlock its map since it's near the boundary. You'll be able to see the Shrine in a Desert area whenever you're near it. Although, there are other problems that you might face while trying to get to it.

If you try to come to this Shrine during the day, it'll raise your temperature heavily. You'll either need to rest somewhere until it's nighttime or get some armor that can give you Heat Resistance. You can also cook some meals with cold ingredients to give you Heat Resistance, but the effect of that meal is temporary.

You'll see a temperature meter on the bottom right of your screen, and you'll start taking damage if it's in the red or blue area.

Moreover, the meal's effect will expire if you eat any other meal with a different effect like Cold Resistance or Glow.

How To Beat Kitawak Shrine

Tears Of The Kingdom Connecting Two Stone Slabs With Ultrahand

As soon as you enter the Shrine, you'll see a bridge that's facing upward. One way Shrines are different from the normal world is that you can't climb here, so you can't simply climb the bridge and get to the next area. You'll have to make use of another board standing upside on the wall to your right.

Pick up the board using your Ultrahand ability and attach it upright to the top of the bridge. This will let the bridge go down automatically and you can cross it to get to the next area. Make sure the second board is attached at the top so that it can stop as soon as it touches the other side.

Tears Of The Kingdom Board On Circular Bridge

While you're crossing the bridge, you'll see a chest sitting on a higher platform in front and a wheel rotating to your left. The wheel is quite far, so you can't jump directly to it. You'll have to use the same board that you attached to the bridge before. Detach the board from the bridge and bring it to the wheel.

If the board somehow fell down, you can get it again from its spawn using the Ultrahand.

Attach the board to the bottom part of the wheel while it's horizontally straight. Putting it on the bottom part will help you get on it easily since the wheel rotates quite fast. This will let you get to the other side, so you can simply claim the chest and glide back down to the main platform. The chest will give you ten arrows when you open it.

Tears Of The Kingdom Running On Attached Boards

As you head to the next part, you'll see another bridge floating in the middle of nowhere. To get past this one, you'll be using both the board that you used for the previous bridge and the one that's on the floor near it. There are multiple ways to get past this:

  • Place one of the boards at the end of the floating bridge that's near you while the board is rotated in the same direction as the bridge. This will bring it down to you. After that, you can place the other board on the second end of the bridge, which will let you get to the next platform.
  • Place the first board at a 90-degree angle with the near end of the bridge, which will take it far down. Now, place the second board on the other end of the bridge to connect it to the other platform. You can glide from the top side directly onto the bridge after that.
Tears Of The Kingdom Falling From Attached Boards

Once you cross the second bridge, you'll have to solve one more puzzle before getting the Blessing. On your right, you'll see a pit with a mechanism that can be activated by hitting the button above. When you activate it, the mechanism will thrust up. You have to use it to get yourself to the final monument.

Detach one of the boards from the previous bridge and attach it to the board on top of this mechanism while they're both facing in the same direction. The idea is to essentially make the bridge longer. Once you're done attaching it, go as far as you can on this bridge and hit the button with an arrow.

This will thrust you upward and you can simply glide to the monument and take your Blessing. Though you won't be able to take back your Arrow since it kicks you out of the domain.

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