The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom sees the Kingdom of Hyrule destroyed once again. After a Calamity, a return of the Calamtiy, and then the whole 'the Demon King is back' dealio, the people of Hyrule just can't catch a break.

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However, this being Nintendo's big series, it's likely that the kingdom is going to face even greater, more devastating threats. Things so much worse than anything that has come so far. The truly unimaginable.

5 No Purah Pad Password Sharing

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Purah Pad Netflix

Don't you just hate it when Purah goes and changes something that works absolutely fine, and people have been using it for a long time? If the people of Hyrule want to share their passwords on the Purah Pad in order to add to the compendium, check out some interesting map locations, or just want to catch up on the next episode of Geoglyph Memory, then what's the problem?

Heck, even the Sheikah Slate had password sharing and it was never an issue. If only we could go back to using that one, but the forced updates and outdated abilities make it impossible to do so. Oh well, now we all have to use our own Purah Pads or stop paying monthly rupees to Purah entirely.

4 Door-To-Door Salesbeedle

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Beedle in Doorway

Gone are the days of merchants traveling from stable to stable, offering their wares and ingredients to any who might pass by. Now you'll have to make sure you build your house with a non-descript front-facing window, for fear of Beedle rocking up outside and knocking on your door.

We all love Beedle, and without him, our stocks would be much lower than desirable - but the last thing we want is for him to turn up in Tarrey Town making the rounds. Just imagine the knocking on your door, you go to see who it is, and you're met with a "Wow! Hooiiy!". Now the Demon King doesn't look so bad.

3 Paying A Blue Rupee For A Carrier Bag

Zelda Link holding a Carrier Bag

When you pop down to the Hateno Cheese Shop, you know what you're looking for. You just want to grab the things you want, pack them away, and be on your way. But what's this? You've been charged an extra blue rupee for the bag to hold your cheese? What kind of kingdom are we living in?!

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The wares of Hyrule are already pretty extortionate as it is, what with two apocalypses in the past few years, so adding on an extra charge just for the bag in a shop is going to be the last straw for most Hylians. A nightmare for the people of Hyrule.

2 5G Tower Outage

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom 5G Skyview Tower

The Skyview Towers do a lot for Hyrule, yet Hudson Construction seems pretty inept at actually maintaining them. Most of the time they'll require the help of a certain Hylian hero just to open the door, so how they'll keep the functionality going is anyone's guess.

A Calamity bringing down everything is bad. A Demon King returning and collapsing anything that remains is worse. No signal as you're trying to check your maps for directions or see what's been posted today on Cece's Fashion Trends Blog? That's about the worst thing that could happen.

1 Cost Of Living Crisis

Zelda Merchant Expensive Wares

With an apocalypse comes consequence, and with two apocalypses comes greater consequence. Do you remember when arrows used to cost ten rupees? Now they're up to 30 rupees, in some places. Unbelievable.

How are we expected to afford new rooms from Hudson Construction when warm clothes in Rito Village are taking everything we have? Even then, more work is difficult to find, what with most of the economy being destroyed. Hyrule has truly never faced such a colossal threat as this.

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