Street Fighter 6's online modes feature a symbol that shows whether a player is using WiFi or a wired connection, which is apparently causing some players to cancel their pre-orders.

There might only be a few days until Street Fighter 6 launches, but that doesn't mean that there's not time for a bit of controversy in the community. Reviews of the game dropped yesterday and while you might think that most players are celebrating all of the high scores, one little detail that's come out over the past few days has caused an uproar in the community - a WiFi indicator.

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As pointed out by Twitter user and Twitch streamer Rooflemonger, Street Fighter 6 shows players what type of connection their opponents are using. The symbol is shown next to each player's flag before a match is accepted in the Battle Hub and will change to indicate whether the player is connected to the game using WiFi or if they're using a wired connection.

While this is clearly just an attempt from Capcom to make sure that players know as much about the quality of the match they're going to take part in, some players are seeing it as a breach of privacy and something that's going to lead to trouble down the line. Rooflemonger's tweet about the wifi indicator got a lot of attention and while the majority of comments seem to be in favour of "shaming" WiFi players, there are some that see it as a big problem for the game.

As highlighted on the Street Fighter subreddit, one comment calls it "discrimination of the highest level", while another player claims that they're going to cancel their pre-order of game specifically because of the WiFi indicator. While some players are seemingly dropping the game altogether because of the indicator, some have legitimate concerns about not being able to find a match because of the feature and are worried about getting rejected by those with a wired connection.

Even though there are plenty of players making their thoughts on playing without a wired connection known, there are going to be players who simply can't play that way. During both the review and beta periods for Street Fighter 6, I played with WiFi and wired connection and found that Capcom's rollback netcode was so good that I only ever had a connection issue once. So, those of you who are concerned about connection issues shouldn't have have to worry all that much.

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