Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is a follow-up to Insomniac Games' hit PlayStation title, and once again follows Peter Parker and Miles Morales as they deal with supervillain threats in New York City - including the fearsome Venom.

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Marvel's Spider-Man
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Kraven 1
Spider-Man 2: Who Is Kraven The Hunter?

Always looking for his next prey, Kraven the Hunter is one of Spider-Man's deadliest adversaries.

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows cover art showing Peter Parker's red and blue suit being overtaken by the Venom symbiote 1
Spider-Man 2 Needs Web Of Shadows' Symbiote Morality System

With great power there must also come great responsibility, but with a symbiote, you can have a bit more fun.

Spider-Man 2 changing characters 1
Skyrim Anise at PlayStation Showcase 1
Game Presentations Aren’t As Exciting Anymore Because You’re Old

Was the PlayStation Showcase underwhelming or is it just harder to get excited?

Miles fighting one of Kraven's goons in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 1
Generational Sequels Aren't Realistic Anymore

The endgame of this graphical arms race is visuals indistinguishable from reality, but who really wants or expects that?

Screwball from Spider-Man with the Screwball pad 1
Screwball Needs To Return In Spider-Man 2

Screwball was the comic relief villain of the first game who had you pull off annoying stunts, but some fans were so annoyed they want her gone

ben jordan as peter parker in spider-man 1
peter in his symbiote suit talking to miles in spider-man 2 1
Fans Debate Whether Spider-Man 2's Symbiote Is Alien Or Man-Made

Is Peter's new suit from outer space, or did Oscorp have something to do with it?

totk and spider-man 2 1
Asset Reuse Is A Sign Of Confidence, Not Laziness

If Tears of the Kingdom had to recreate Hyrule or Spider-Man 2 was set anywhere but New York, we wouldn't be seeing them this year. Hail asset reuse.

Spider-Man Web of Shadows mod that adds Insomniac's symbiote suit. 1
Peter Parker in the symbiote suit in Spider-Man 2. 1
Miles Morales in his suit swinging with a helicopter behind him and the Insomniac logo emblazoned on his foot 1
Peter with the Symbiote Suit, Venom, and Peter in his regular suit, from Marvel's Spider-Man 1 and 2 1
9 Things We Would Like To See In Marvel's Spider-Man 2

The expectations for the next Spider-Man adventure are caught in a web of high expectations.

Spider-Man 2 water nobody cares 1
You Don't Actually Care About The Spider-Man Water

People are complaining about the water in Spider-Man yet again, but it's a non-issue that, if taken seriously, will only make video games worse

Miles gliding through New York in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 1
Gamers Furious That A Spider-Man Game Is Set In New York

Spider-Man 2 looks exactly the same as the first game! If you ignore the expanded map, gameplay mechanics, new characters, storylines, etc.

Spider-Man 2 screenshot showing Peter Parker in the symbiote suit talking to Miles Morales  1
Spider-Man 3 infamous doorway dance with Insomniac's Peter Parker face instead of Tobey Maguire's 1
Thank God Spider-Man 2 Made Peter Parker Edgy

The best part of the symbiote suit is how corny Peter Parker gets.

An excellent representation of the madness that is puddlegate and seagate in Spider-Man. 1
Kraven Spider-Man 2-1 1
Spider-Man 2 symbiote 1
Spider-Man 2's Symbiote Suit Is Puddlegate All Over Again

You probably won't even wear the venom suit when you play it anyway.