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Wesker Removing His Sunglasses to Reveal His Red Eyes 1
Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City movie still showing Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield 1
Yet Another Live-Action Resident Evil Movie Is Reportedly In The Works

Resident Evil is getting a new movie called "Umbrella Chronicles".

Verdugo, Mama, and Mr. X 1
10 Scariest Moments In The Resident Evil Series

Surviving zombies and mutations: Recalling the most spine-chilling moments in the Resident Evil game series.

nemesis in resident evil 3 1
Resident Evil Fans Want A Metal Gear Solid Classics-Style Collection

Yeah the remakes are great, but the chance to play the originals back-to-back on current consoles would be pretty special.

A collage of images featuring a purple dragon, two figures in a city environment and superheroes facing one another 1
10 Games Turning 25 In 2023

These games are just old enough to have a quarter-life crisis

Game art from Resident Evil 4 Remake. 1
Resident Evil 4 Remake: How To Finish The Game With S+ Rank

Resident Evil 4 Remake challenges players to finish the game as quickly as possible, and ranks their time. Here's how to get the coveted S+ Rank!

Game art from Resident Evil 4 Remake The Mercenaries. 1
Resident Evil 4 Remake: The Mercenaries - Complete Character Guide

Learn the ins and outs of all the playable characters in Resident Evil 4 Remake's subgame, The Mercenaries!

Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village in front of a pride flag. 1
ethan winters fallen in front of a monster in resident evil village 1
Resident Evil 9 Should Go Back To Third Person, Fans Think

Resident Evil 4 Remake has reminded a lot of people they prefer playing the series in third person.

34-Resident Evil Should Make Umbrella’s End Into Its Own Game 1
Resident Evil Should Make Umbrella’s End Into Its Own Game

With a Resident Evil 5 remake seeming increasingly likely, this Umbrella Chronicles story deserves to be expanded.

Leon Resident Evil 4 Dodge Roll Mod 1
Resident Evil Fans Share Their Favourite Villains Aside From Albert Wesker

Which Resident Evil villain could give Wesker a run for his money?

An armored Garrador, Osmund Saddler, and Ashley Graham in Resident Evil 4 Remake 1
Resident Evil 4 Remake: Chapter Ten Walkthrough

Resident Evil 4 Remake's tenth chapter is full of surprises to keep you on your toes - this guide will help you survive!

A college image of Max in Life Is Strange, Stanley in The Stanley Parable, and Estelle in Season. 1
10 Video game Protagonists Who Are Just Normal People

Not every protagonist is some super-powered soldier, some are just normal everyday folk. Here are a few protagonists who are just as average as us.

Chris and Sheva from Resident Evil 5, Super Salvador from RE4, and Chris in his unlockable outfit from RE6. 1
Resident Evil: 10 Best Stages In All Of Mercenaries

The best places to make the most of a zombie outbreak.

A three-image collage of the cover art for LOZ: Skyward Sword with Link holding his sword up in there, Chris and Sheva side-by-side on the cover of Resident Evil 5, and a close-up of a Wendigo in Until Dawn. 1
10 Best Video Game Levels Set In A Mine

Take caution before heading into these mines.

A three-image collage of a shark jumping out of water in Resident Evil, an Eliminator monkey from Resident Evil Zero, and Yawn sneaking up behind Chris in Resident Evil. 1
11 Best Virus Mutated Animals In The Resident Evil Series

They may be flesh-eating weaponized animals of Umbrella, but they still require some attention.

The first battle with El Gigante in the original and remake versions of Resident Evil 4 1
10 Ways Resident Evil 4 Remake Is Different From The Original

Resident Evil 4 Remake may have the same characters and plot points as the original, but there are plenty of changes to make it well worth your while!

Resident Evil 4 Remake Leon wearing a crown filled with gems over a blurred background of pesetas 1
A Lycan roars toward the sky, Jill and Carlos stand in front of Nemesis, Chris and Shiva stand beside each other in Resident Evil. 1
10 Best Resident Evil Games

Here are the best games in the beloved Resident Evil series!