Despite Welcome to Raccoon City's poor reception, Resident Evil is pushing forward with what looks to be another live-action movie. Dubbed "Umbrella Chronicles", the film is helmed by the same production company, Raccoon HG Film Productions, pointing to it possibly being a sequel.

The first film in 2021 was much more faithful than Paul W. S. Anderson's initial six films, all of which centred around a new character invented for the movies called Alice. Welcome to Racoon City instead chose to focus on the game characters, Leon, Claire, Chris, and Jill, telling the stories of the first two Resident Evil titles.

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As reported by Canada's, the Greater Sudbury area has received an $11 million boost from the provincial government, $2 million of which is going into Umbrella Chronicles. Like Welcome to Racoon City, it's being filmed in Sudbury, hence the financial support.

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We don't know anything about the movie other than the production company and title, but it does share a name with an on-a-rails shooter that initially launched for the Wii and was later bundled with Darkside Chronicles for the PS3.

It's an anthology game made up of retellings of the main series. The first of which takes us back to Resident Evil 0 and its leading star, Rebecca Chambers. Dubbed "Train Derailment", this section has us playing as Chambers and Billy Coen as they escape a - you guessed it - train. They then find themselves in a training facility (what with all the 'trains'?), and end up fighting Umbrella co-founder James Marcus as he mutates into a body horror monster in true Resident Evil fashion.

The second scenario is a retelling of the first game in which Chris and Jill split up in the iconic mansion, fighting their way through zombies toward a research facility where they destroy a Tyrant. However, Welcome to Raccoon City already touched on the Mansion, and this retelling of the story is a far cry from the actual first game which sees you pick one of the pair as the other ends up in captivity.

The third scenario skips over Resi2 (which instead appears in the sequel, Darkside Chronicles), and is based on Resident Evil 3. It sees Jill and Carlos Oliveira fending off Nemesis and escaping before the US government nukes Racoon City. The fourth is a wholly original story about Chris and Jill venturing to Russia to investigate Umbrella, destroying its newest creation, T-ALOS.

Given that much of the game centres on plots already explored in the first movie, it's unlikely that the name is actually tied to the game, but perhaps we'll see this Russia mission on the big screen. Or who knows, maybe it'll just be Resident Evil 3 or 4.

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