bobby kotick 1
Bobby Kotick Denies All Allegations Of Activision's "Systemic Issue With Harassment"

“We’ve had every possible form of investigation done. And we did not have a systemic issue with harassment — ever."

Diablo 4 interview 1
Diablo 4 Faking Fan Questions Isn't Doing The Game Any Favours

How does something like this even happen?

A soldier in beige camo walking away from destroyed buildings 1
Fan Run Modern Warfare 2 Servers Shut Down By Activision

X Labs, a "modding laboratory" that fixed a security exploit in the original Modern Warfare 2, and ran its own servers, has been shut down.

Activision Blizzard Xbox Series X 1
The EU Will Reportedly Approve Microsoft Activision Merger Next Week

The European Commission is expected to reveal its decision on the acquisition on May 15.

Microsoft logo on a phone held over a blurred Activision Blizzard logo 1
EA Doesn't Care About Microsoft's Activision Blizzard Acquisition

"Whether that deal goes through or not is not really material to us broadly."

Activision Microsoft cheering 1
We Shouldn't Be Cheering On The Microsoft Acquisition Of Activision

We should be far more critical of where this industry is heading.

Microsoft Activision 1
Activision Calls Microsoft Deal Block "A Disservice To UK Citizens"

Activision's CCO has confirmed the decision will be appealed, warning others "the UK is closed for business".

Call of Duty Season 3 Warzone Modern Warfare 2 1
Nintendo VP Subpoenaed For Info Regarding Microsoft's Call Of Duty Deal

The FTC wants to know how Microsoft intends to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo consoles.

Activision Microsoft UK 1
UK Expected To Approve Microsoft-Activision Blizzard Merger This Week

The CMA is seen as likely to wave ahead the gargantuan merger.

22-Warzone Fans Call DMZ Dead 1
Warzone Fans Call DMZ "Dead" After Pay-To-Win Bundles Leak

Fans are in an uproar after the latest datamines reveal pay-to-win cosmetics are coming to Warzone’s DMZ mode.

call of duty player looking down a sniper 1
Warzone Gets One-Shot Snipers Following St. Patrick's Day Test

Load them up with explosive ammunition and take down opponents with a single bullet.

Japan Xbox The Xbox logo in red next to a silouette image of Japan 1
Japan's Regulator Says Microsoft Deal "Unlikely" To Harm Sony

The home of PlayStation and Nintendo has no issues with the merger.

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UK Says Microsoft, Activision Blizzard Deal Won't "Substantially" Hurt Console Market

The UK's CMA doesn't think Call of Duty will go Xbox exclusive.

tactical nuke going off in call of duty 1
This Bar Gives Free Drinks If You Can Get A Warzone 2 Nuke

Clever marketing or an elaborate ploy by the bar owner to have an endless stream of people grind their battle pass?

4-Gamer Lawsuit_ Against Microsoft Merger Thrown Out Of Court 1
"Gamer Lawsuit" Against Microsoft Merger Thrown Out Of Court

The ten gamers didn't prove that Microsoft's Activision merger would produce "anticompetitive effects."

Crash, Coco, Cortex and a new character fight in Crash Team Rumble 1
Crash Team Rumble Launches June 20, Has A Battle Pass

Crash Team Rumble is launching June 20, priced at $29.99 with seasonal premium battle passes.

Crash Bandicoot in Crash Team Rumble trailer 1
Crash Team Rumble Gameplay Leaks, Looks Like One Big Minigame

Crash Team Rumble gameplay has leaked, showing off unique abilities in the multiplayer collectathon.

Starfield Key Art 1
Sony Complains To Regulators Over Starfield And Elder Scrolls Xbox Exclusivity

Sony also digs up events from Microsoft's past to prove why it can't be trusted.

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Activison Exec Claims PlayStation Boss Said "I Just Want To Block Your Merger"

Jim Ryan apparently has zero interest in trying to strike a Call of Duty deal.

9-Sony Thinks Microsoft Will Purposefully Make Call Of Duty Buggy On PlayStation 1
Sony Thinks Microsoft Will Purposefully Make Call Of Duty Buggy On PlayStation

Sony didn't take the 10-year deal because it thinks Microsoft would just make its version of Call of Duty worse.