Kirby And The Forgotten Land

Initially launched in 2022 for Nintendo Switch, Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the first 3D title in the main series. This time, Kirby must save the Waddle Dees, and can swallow anything from enemies to cars to help.

March 25, 2022
HAL Laboratory
E10+ for Everyone 10+: Cartoon Violence
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Kirby Director Fears The Forgotten Land's Final Boss Was Too Hard

If you struggled to make it through The Forgotten Land's final stages, Kumazaki has got you.

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8 Beginner Tips For Kirby And The Forgotten Land

The land might be forgotten, but try to remember these tips when going through it.

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Kirby And The Forgotten Land Started As A "Connected Project" With Star Allies

They might have launched four years apart, but internally, the two games are considered one large connected project.

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Kirby And The Forgotten Land: Flash Fishing Minigame Guide

Relax a while by the pond and score some Star Coins.

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You'll need to steal these meaty meals if you want to be able to collect all the Waddle Dees in Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

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Kirby And The Forgotten Land: Where To Find The Secret Passage In Enter The Fiery Forbidden Lands

Here's where to find the secret passage in the Firey Forbidden Lands of Kirby and the Forgotten land.

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Kirby and the Forgotten Land: Complete Guide to the Colosseum

The Colosseum in Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a place where you can relive your toughest battles.