Stardew Valley

Restore your grandfather's farm to its former glory in Stardew Valley, a charming indie simulation role-playing game developed by Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone. Along the way you'll meet new friends, romance villagers, and explore deep caves for the materials you'll need to craft, build, and grow.

stardew valley
February 26, 2016
RPG, Simulation
Local Multiplayer, Online Multiplayer
E for Everyone - Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood, Mild Language, Simulated Gambling, Use of Alcohol and Tobacco
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Stardew Valley: A Guide to Completing Grandpa’s Evaluation

In Stardew Valley, Grandpa's Evaluation is an event that surveys how well you've done on the farm. Here, you can learn how to pass this test.

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Stardew Valley: 10 Best Recipes for Energy

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Stardew Valley: How To Unlock And Grow Tea Leaves

Here's everything you need to know about growing Tea Leaves in Stardew Valley and what you can make with them.

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Stardew Valley: A Complete Guide To Every Crop And What It Sells For

Looking to make the most out of your crops in Stardew Valley? Here's every crop, where to buy it, and what it sells for so you can plan each season.

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Roots Of Pacha Vs Stardew Valley: Which Game Is Better?

Roots of Pacha and Stardew Valley are both great farming sims, but which is better?

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The 16 Best Stardew Valley Farm Layouts

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Stardew Valley is a dense game packed full of secrets. Secret Statues are obtainable through some hidden means; here's how to find them all.

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