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Cameron Miller is a writer with over five years of creative writing experience - both personally and for clients around the world. To date, has written four full-length novels ranging from 49,000 words on the low end to 99,000 words on the high end. Cameron is deeply involved in daily pop culture, and what he affectionately refers to as nerd culture.

Street Fighter Duel Title Screen and Roster 1
Street Fighter: Duel – Best Fire Teams

Burn through every opponent and level with the perfect team compositions.

Street Fighter Duel cast and Ryu punch 1
10 Best Tanks In Street Fighter: Duel

These fighters are not getting a knockout any time soon.

Street Fighter Duel Title Screen and Ken and Chun-Li in street wear 1
Street Fighter: Duel – 10 Best EX Moves

With plenty to pick from, which EX moves are the strongest in Street Fighter: Duel?

Goku punches, Tekken 8 promo art, and Super Smash Bros roster on a cliff 1
10 Terms You Only Hear In Fighting Games

This fighting game terminology might seem strange from the outside, but it's how things work.

A Tekken character poses, Super Smash Bros characters fight, and Ryu poses 1
10 Tips For Improving At Fighting Games

There's more to getting better at fighting games than knowing your footsies from your zoning.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Stylized Collage of Diamonds, a Gloom Bokoblin, and Hylian Tomatoes 1
Roots Of Pacha farm and Stardew Valley farm 1
Roots Of Pacha Vs Stardew Valley: Which Game Is Better?

Roots of Pacha and Stardew Valley are both great farming sims, but which is better?

Raiden with electricity, Sonic looks surprised, and Cloud looks concerned 1
10 Things Video Game Characters Would Say To Their Future Self

We'd all love a chance to give our past selves some advice for the future, and with these characters, we know exactly what that would be.

John Marston in a suit, Stardew Valley wedding, Yuna and Seymour walk down the aisle 1
10 Best Video Game Weddings

Seeing these characters tie the knot in these games was enough to bring a tear to our eyes.

Yusuke Hanamura, Luigi looks scared, Yuna 1
10 Most Relatable Protagonists In Video Games

These characters couldn't be more human, and it shows in how we connect with them.

Lara Croft with a bow, Samus Aran, Chris Redfield with a gun 1
12 Video Game Protagonists With Zodiac Signs That Make Perfect Sense

These protagonists' zodiac signs couldn't be more fitting to who they are.

Link, Nathan Drake, and Samus all jump 1
10 Video Game Characters, Ranked Purely On Their Jumping Ability

We rank gaming characters on how high they can jump. Extra points for style.

Dark Souls 3, Stardew Valley, Breath Of The Wild 1
10 Games You Shouldn’t Play More Than Once

Some games are infinitely replayable. These games are best played just the once.

Bakugan Fight, Sarge poses with guns, and Skylanders advance 1
10 Games We All Only Played Because Of Toys And Cards

Toys and cards sure do a lot to make you want to play a game.

Chris helps Sheva, A promo image for Man Of Medan, and a shot from Eternal Darkness 1
10 Horror Games, Ranked By How Much They Make Me Laugh

Sit back and enjoy a (Jill?) sandwich as we rank the funniest horror games.

Commander Shepard, John Marston takes cover, Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth 1
10 Games That Feel Like They Have A Secret Ending No One’s Found Yet

These video games sure feel like they have a secret ending hidden in there somewhere.

A collage featuring Abra, Snom, Slakoth, and Magikarp. 1
The 25 Weakest Pokemon Of All Time

Some Pokemon are just not strong at all. They’re outclassed and forgotten for many reasons. These are the worst Pokemon.

Shots of Skyloft, The Great Plateau, and Kokiri Forest 1
Every Starting Area In Every Mainline Zelda Game, Ranked

The Zelda games always have a way to introduce you to the world and the mechanics, and the first location is key.

Handsome Jack extends a hand, M'iaq The Liar, and The Illusive Man sits down 1
10 Biggest Liars In Games, Ranked

You can't trust these liars one bit.

A shadowy Colossus, Undertale, and a Binding Of Isaac Rebirth battle 1
10 Best Games With Unconventional Combat

These games turn the concept of combat on its head.

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