Grounded has a lot of useful weapons that you can craft throughout your journey. Some choices will be mainstays in helping you defend your precious camp throughout your adventure, while other weapons will provide invaluable as you approach the end game and the difficult challenges that await you.

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Tools crafted from boss parts, for example, are some of Grounded's best weapons; however, it takes a lot of effort and skill to be able to acquire the necessary materials to craft them. Some of these powerful weapons should serve as an important goal to aim for before you go searching for the strongest enemies that you will encounter. These are the best weapons in Grounded, and what materials you'll need to craft them.

Updated May 31, 2023, by Andrew Scariati: Grounded's Best Weapons continue to welcome new members to the ranks with each major update. While it's difficult to pinpoint the best weapon in Grounded when the landscape is always shifting, these choices are sure to get the job done.

With the pool of Grounded weapons becoming more powerful, so too are the various bosses that you encounter across the yard. Whether you need the best bow to deal with an Infected Spider or are looking for a workhorse weapon, these powerful weapons should more than suffice.

These are the best weapons Grounded has to offer and will prove essential on your journey to return to normal size.

15 Black Ox Hammer

Black Ox Hammer and its crafting requirements in the inventory menu in Grounded.
  • How To Craft: Black Ox Horn, Five Black Ox Parts, and Two Pupa Leather.

If you're looking for a powerful hammer, then you can look no further after finding the Black Ox Hammer because it packs quite the punch for any animal or insect hit by it. Additionally, it has a powerful stun effect that can mean the difference between winning or losing a battle.

It even doubles as a useful bashing tool that will help you break down Quartzite and Marble deposits throughout the world. However, it's a slow weapon compared to many others, so remember that it won't be a prudent choice against several bugs at once.

14 Antlion Greatsword

 Antlion Greatsword and its crafting requirements in the inventory menu in Grounded.
  • How To Craft: Seven Antlion Pincers, Three Antlion Parts, Three Silk Rope.

The Antlion Greatsword is another powerful sword that you can obtain in Grounded. It's a greatsword, so it's a slow weapon in general, but upon hitting an enemy, it deals massive damage that can rival many other weapons in the game.

If you want to craft the Antlion Greatsword, then you need to collect the materials above, which is quite the task. Even so, it's a worthwhile investment if you want to create a powerful sword that you can use to fight even the strongest bugs.

13 Club Of The Mother Demon

Club Of The Mother Demon and its crafting requirements in the inventory menu in Grounded.
  • How To Craft: Broodmother Venom , Two Broodmother Fangs, Two Broodmother Chunks.

The Club Of The Mother Demon doesn't just have a fantastic name; it's also one of the strongest weapons or tools in the Backyard. To obtain it, you'll have to defeat the Hedge Broodmother boss, who is one of the strongest enemies in the game, and also has a powerful set of attacks that you should know about before attempting this challenge.

If you're using a melee weapon while fighting this powerful spider boss, then you should be prepared to block its attacks, because otherwise, you'll be defeated quickly. The Broodmother moves quickly while jumping occasionally, and it's important to note that you can't leave the boss room until the spider is defeated, or you die, so make sure to come prepared.

After defeating the Broodmother, you can craft the Club Of The Mother Demon with the materials you obtain.

12 Tick Macuahuitl

The Tick Macuahuitl and its crafting requirements in Grounded.
  • How To Craft: Ten Tick Fang, Three Lint Rope, One Pinecone Piece, Three Mosquito Blood Sacks.

The Tick Macuahuitl is an excellent weapon blessed with the Life Steal effect and a very quick swing speed. Despite their low amount of HP-sapping per hit, Life Steal weapons are able to attack quicker than other weapons, giving them a bit of an edge when it comes to Damage Per Second (DPS).

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As long as you are connecting with your slashes, these hits will quickly add up, restoring your health by the chunk with every few seconds of furious slicing. As a slashing weapon, the Scimitar offers decent range, but rewards being up close and personal with your target due to the sword's somewhat fickle hitbox.

11 Black Ox Crossbow

Black Ox Crossbow and its crafting requirements in the inventory menu in Grounded.
  • How To Craft: Six Rust, Four Black Ox Parts, Four Lint Rope, Two Pinecone Pieces.

The Black Ox Crossbow stands alone as the best bow weapon in Grounded. It is a straight upgrade to the Crow Crossbow and deals more damage, but does not possess any other special effects or elemental damage.

All of its required items can be found in mid-to-late game areas, particularly around the toolbox, but be careful venturing near it, as a dangerous Black Widow Spider lurks in a cave nearby. Black Ox Beetles are also no joke to deal with on your own, so prepare plenty of health-restoring items and your best shield to block most of the damage while you're harvesting parts.

10 Toenail Scimitar

The Toenail Scimitar and its crafting requirements in Grounded.
  • How To Craft: Ten Toenails, Three Lint Rope, Two Pup Hide, Three Rust.

Grounded weapons can get quite goofy, and this sword's design is living proof. The Toenail Scimitar boasts a powerful Infection effect. Enemies afflicted by Infection will have their attack speed and damage reduced by ten percent with each hit.

With the Toenail Scimitar's quick swing speed, you'll be sure to inflict Infection quickly, and easily reapply it when needed. Its overall swing damage leaves something to be desired, but luckily this weapon's DPS doesn't detract from its overall usability.

Apply your Infection and switch weapons for a brief period to bump up the overall efficiency of your slaying. Your enemies won't really have the ability to strike back after they're Infected.

9 Spicy Coaltana

Spicy Coaltana and its crafting requirements in the inventory menu in Grounded.
  • How To Craft: Two Spicy Globs, Five EverChar Coal Chunks, Ten Tough Gunk.

There are only a few powerful swords in Grounded, and the Spicy Coaltana is up there as one of the best. It not only offers high damage, but it also glows when you equip it, which is a unique visual effect. It can even cook Aphids and Weevils immediately as you defeat them, which is a fantastic and much-appreciated detail that will save time on trips back to camp.

If you want both a strong sword and a cool-looking weapon, then you can't go wrong using the Spicy Coaltana. It's not the easiest weapon to get in Grounded, but it's well worth the materials once you are able to unlock the crafting recipe by completing the MIX.R-like defense event in the charcoal bag.

8 Elemental Staves

Mint, Sour, and Spicy Staves and their crafting requirements in the inventory menu in Grounded.
  • How To Craft: Five Mint, Spicy, or Sour Globs, 15 Tough Gunk, 15 Pinecone Pieces.

The elemental staves are quite fun weapons to use and offer an alternative projectile weapon if you aren't a big fan of bows or crossbows. While you may have a particular preference for staff based on its damage type, visual effects, or a desired enemy to use it against, each one is fairly even in performance.

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However, in general, the Spicy Staff provides the most benefits as it can launch Spicy Blobs which explode and damage enemies over time, plus can cook them due to its intrinsic Spicy damage. The Mint and Sour Staves are best used on enemies that are weak to each type. Every staff provides a fun way to mix things up, so give them all a try to choose a favorite.

7 Tiger Mosquito Rapier

Tiger Mosquito Rapier and its crafting requirements in the inventory menu in Grounded.
  • How To Craft: Two Tiger Mosquito Beaks, Four Rust, Four Mosquito Blood Sacks.

The Tiger Mosquito Rapier is among the best weapons in Grounded if you aren't able to stack up healing items in your inventory for a long journey. This rapier possesses the Life Steal special effect, which will heal you for six percent of the damage you deal with each hit.

Though the percentage isn't much, the speed of the weapon will allow you to knock off chunks of enemy health while restoring your own.

Unfortunately, Tiger Mosquitos are somewhat difficult to find as they inhabit late-game areas, so you'll have to progress through the story a fair bit in order to gain access to the materials you'll need. That aside, once you get your hands on this, keep it close, as many of the more difficult enemies will require you to stay healthy in the face of their high-damaging attacks.

6 Widow Dagger

Widow Dagger and its crafting requirements in the inventory menu in Grounded.
  • How To Craft: Black Widow Fang, Three Lint Rope, Four Super Spider Venom.

The Widow Dagger is highly sought-after for its deadly Poison-inflicting effect. As a Dagger, this weapon benefits from the Assassin mutation which will inflict the Bleed effect on your target, stacking nicely with the Poison effect for massive damage.

However, the materials needed to craft this weapon are exceptionally rare – Super Spider Venom can only be acquired by killing Black Widow Spiders, but they only have a small chance to drop with each kill.

Build up plenty of Black Widow Fangs, so you can eventually make multiple copies for you and your friends because you'll likely be hunting that Super Spider Venom for quite a while.

5 Sour Battle-axe

The Sour Battle-axe and its crafting requirements in Grounded.
  • How To Craft: Two Sour Globs, Five Green Shield Bug Parts, Ten Tough Gunk.

This weapon will take a great deal of time and effort to craft as you will need to find the Ominent Data Chip, which drops from Grounded's main boss. Similarly to the Mint Mace, this weapon has a very slow swing speed but deals massive damage with a good chance to stun.

While it clocks in at lower maximum damage than the Mint Mace (135 vs 150), the Sour Battle-axe does boast a slightly better chance to stun enemies (36 vs 16). This weapon will do a better job against the stronger bugs that are weak to Sour damage, but the Mint Mace simply outdoes it for general bug battling and overall DPS.

4 Mint Mace

Mint Mace and its crafting requirements in the inventory menu in Grounded.
  • How To Craft: Two Mint Globs, Five Flower Petals, Ten Tough Gunk.

The Mint Mace is an excellent weapon that will play a key role in helping you defeat bosses and defend MIX.R Modules from pesky bugs like Ladybird Larvae. The crafting requirement isn't too bad, as Tough Gunk can be found from most bugs and Flower Petals are easily picked up off the ground around tall flowers without much issue.

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The Mint Mace deals exceptional damage, which makes it worth crafting despite the high material requirement. The Mint Mace also has a fun appearance compared to some of the more basic-looking weapons in Grounded, which is another good reason to go through the trouble of collecting it. Enjoy the aesthetic, frequent stunning, and excellent source of Fresh damage that this coveted mace provides.

3 Salt Morning Star

Salt Morning Star and its crafting requirements in the inventory menu in Grounded.
  • How To Craft: Two Salt Globs, Five Gum Nuggets, Ten Tough Gunk.

The Salt Morning Star offers two effects, but it doesn't deal a lot of base damage compared to other similar weapons, like the Mint Mace. It contains both the Salty augment and a good chance to stun enemies hit by it – this can be done as often as the Mint Mace given this weapon's high attack speed, allowing you to get multiple hits in a short time.

Even if you don't initially like the look of this weapon due to its low base damage, the Salt Morning Star is actually quite a powerful choice, especially if you find it early. It is very fun to swing and can be wielded in tandem with a shield, making it one of the best weapons you can add to your arsenal in Grounded.

2 Rusty Spear

Rusty Spear and its crafting requirements in the inventory menu in Grounded.
  • How To Craft: Three Dust Mite Fuzz, Seven Rust, Sunken Bone.

The Rusty Spear, much like the Tiger Mosquito Rapier, provides an excellent source of Stabbing damage against bugs, but the real prize is the Infection effect.

This status is extremely useful when fighting the Black Widow Spider and other highly dangerous boss enemies that threaten to deplete your health bar in an instant.

In fact, the Black Widow is resistant to 50 percent of every damage type except for Stabbing, which it only resists by 25 percent. Using the Rusty Spear seems like the intended way to beat a Black Widow, so take advantage of that.

1 Scythe Of Blossoms

Scythe of Blossoms and its crafting requirements in the inventory menu in Grounded.
  • How To Craft: Two Mantis Claws, Four Mantis Chunks, Five Pupa Leather, Five Rust, Five Lint Rope.

The Scythe of Blossoms might be the best weapon Grounded has seen with an equally daunting crafting requirement. Luckily, by the time you are ready to face the Mantis boss, you should have most of these items lying around in your camp storage to combine once you have the requisite Mantis Claws and Parts.

After acquiring your bounty of riches from the defeated Mantis, craft this beautiful scythe and get to swinging. The Scythe Of Blossoms has the unique Yoked Blows effect which increases your critical hit damage by 100 percent.

The quick attack speed and a chance to deal immense critical damage make this weapon incredibly powerful for enemies that won't go down in a single hit. Equip the Assassin mutation, which works very well with this weapon, even though it doesn't appear as a dagger.

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