Getting a good weapon in Dead Island 2 is easy. Bash some heads in and the zombie is bound to drop an epic weapon. This is where the game gets interesting, standard epic weapons are great at doing raw damage. But the game is about cooking, dissolving, throwing, and even electrocuting zombies.

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This is where the best weapon mods come into play. Slap one of these bad boys on a good weapon and make it great. Want to burn zombies? There is a weapon mod for that. What if you want to make zombies fly off with extreme force when you shoot them? Yes, you guessed it, there is a mod for that too. Remember to look in every nook and cranny to spot the blueprints, they are not easy to miss.

8 Superior Melee Impactor Mod

Image shows the Superior Melee Impactor Mod in Dead Island 2

Love hitting zombies with heavy attacks? Get the Superior Melee Impactor Mod to send the zombies flying into other zombies who are just minding their own business. The mod increases the physical damage and also gives you a force boost.

It also induces the traumatized status effect which lets you send zombies to space. It’s a super fun mod to have if you like using weapons like sledgehammers and baseballs.

7 Superior Melee Electrocutor Mod

Image shows the Superior Melee Electrocuter Mod in the Dead Island 2 game

This one makes zombies go zap zap and take a long nap. The Superior Melee Electrocutor Mod lets you play Electro from Spider-Man but instead of killing Spidey, you are shocking zombies. Apply this to any melee weapon to make it do shock damage. Successive hits also apply the electrified effect.

That makes the zombie stop in its tracks and get damaged over time. If you are having trouble taking down fast zombies, shock them with your shocking mods. If you see a pool of water or blue barrels, hit them with an electric weapon to make the whole body of water shocking. Watch out though, it can damage you too.

6 Superior Melee Mutilator Mod

Image shows the Superior Melee Mutilator Mod on the workbench

What if you just want to do more damage? Just pure, raw damage that doesn’t apply any elemental effect? Then you get the Superior Melee Mutilator Mod on your weapons. This mod gives a significant boost to physical damage. That’s not all though, hit a zombie enough and it’ll get weakened.

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If you hit a weakened zombie you regain stamina. This mod is great if you are always running out of stamina, as it will allow you to keep hitting zombies. A self-sustained perpetual cycle of fun and violence.

5 Superior Melee Puncturator Mod

Image shows the Superior Melee Puncturator Mod in Dead Island 2

Some zombies are immune to fire, electric, and caustic damage. So you’ll always need to have a bleed status weapon in your arsenal. The Superior Melee Puncturator Mod does exactly that, it adds bleed damage to your weapons.

Use it on a sharp weapon like the Katana or Swords and you have a great combo. Hit a zombie enough times and it’ll start bleeding. Don’t do this over the carpet though, zombie moms would get angry.

4 Superior Melee Liquidator Mod

Image shows the Superior Melee Liquidator Mod in Dead Island 2

There is something beautiful about seeing the skin melt off a zombie in a video game. This is what Caustic damage does in Dead Island 2. Unlike the first game, it literally melts the zombies to their bones (and muscles).

Add the Superior Melee Liquidator Mod to your weapon to literally melt enemies. The caustic damage boost is great, but when you trigger the melting effect, the real fun starts. This mod is great against normal Shamblers, Walkers, and Runners.

3 Superior Ranged Impactor Mod

Image shows the Superior Ranged Impactor Mod in Dead Island 2

The Superior Ranged Impactor Mod is made for guns. If you like your guns to have a powerful impact, this is the mod to get. It not only adds to the physical damage of the weapon but also gives it a force boost.

The mod doesn’t apply to the excellent curveballs, even though they are ranged throwables. We recommend using it on the shotguns to set zombies flying. Hit them enough, and they’ll get traumatized. Then hit them again to launch them into other zombies. It’s a fun mod to have on a ranged weapon.

2 Superior Ranged Cremator Mod

Image shows the Superior Ranged Cremator Mod in crafting

Playing with fire is always dangerous. Especially when you are igniting stuff left and right with a flaming baseball bat. If you are tired of accidentally exploding red barrels and dying with your fire-based melee weapons, try out the Superior Ranged Cremator Mod.

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Shoot firey bullets from your guns and ignite zombies and barrels alike from a safe distance. Hit the zombies several times to burn and see them flail around haplessly. It also works well against those pesky Screamers.

1 Superior Melee Cremator Mod

Image shows the Superior Melee Cremator Mod

The Superior Melee Cremator Mod or simply the Cremator mods (of all rarity) are great at taking down a ton of different zombies. All mods of this type add fire damage to your weapons. The rarity just increases the amount of damage they do.

Hit a zombie enough and it will get ignited. If you love burning zombies to a crisp, this is one of the best mods available in Dead Island 2. It is also good at igniting any fuel pools you find in the world. Make everything burn.

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