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Kyle has been playing video games for as long as he can remember and has been involved with them as a career for almost a decade. When he is not playing the latest Nintendo title, he can be found listening to music or catching up on shows like Survivor and Big Brother. He is also the proud owner of four cats and two gerbils.

Bayonetta wears Link's outfit, Link rides down a snowy peak on a motorcycle, A Dragonborn holds a Hylian Shield 1
9 Best Games With A Legend Of Zelda Crossover

Characters and items from The Legend of Zelda feature in various other games.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Link stands on the edge of a Sky Island 1
Is The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Worth It?

Breath of the Wild is widely regarded as the best video game of all time - but is its sequel, Tears of the Kingdom, worth it?

Zora's Domain from Breath of the Wild over a waterfall, Link faces a Zora in Link Between Worlds, A view of Zora's Domain in Twilight Princess 1
The Legend Of Zelda: 7 Best Versions Of Zora's Domain, Ranked

These fish friends have some of the most beautiful living spaces throughout the series.

Roy and Lyn bear weapons, Ness puts his hands on his hips, Elly and Fei Fong Wong look toward the horizon 1
10 Classic Games That Should Be Remade With HD-2D Graphics

Do you want to see remakes of your favorite classic games? We sure do!

Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu look surprised while standing in a forest 1
The Origin Of The Surprised Pikachu Meme

Where did that little shocked Pikachu face come from?

Breath of the Wild Ze Kasho Apparatus, Link rides a platofrm through the air, An orb bounces out of a hole 1
The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild - 10 Hardest Shrines

They're meant to test Link's potential as a hero, after all.

Alfyn sits at a table, Pogo jumps between Sundown and Oboro, Rolans looks ahead 1
Every Game With HD-2D Graphics, Ranked

HD-2D is a gorgeous and striking art style that has been popping up in more and more of Square Enix's games.

A Lycan roars toward the sky, Jill and Carlos stand in front of Nemesis, Chris and Shiva stand beside each other in Resident Evil. 1
10 Best Resident Evil Games

Here are the best games in the beloved Resident Evil series!

A Fall Guy with a watermelon hat, The PlayStation Plus logo, A couple of soldiers by a frozen river 1
20 Online Games That Don’t Require PlayStation Plus

These online games can be played with no Playstation Plus subscription! Time to download them.

Breath of the Wild Zelda stands in a pond at night, Link holds the Master Sword in the rain, King Rhoam stands on a bridge at Hyrule Castle 1
Breath Of The Wild: 10 Best Captured Memories

Breath of the Wild has you piecing together Link's memories, but which ones are the most powerful?

The Resident Evil 4 Merchant shows off his wares, Ravio salutes in a dungeon, Porkrind eagerly slams his hands on his counter 1
10 Best Merchants In Gaming

They've got the goods you need.

Toadette watches over Captain Toad, Mario looks up at the Mushroom Kingdom, Goomba Mario runs away from a stack of Goombas in The Super Mario Bros. Movie 1
10 Things We'd Like To See In A Super Mario Bros. Movie Sequel

There's so much more to explore in the Mario universe.

Princess Peach at night, Bowser scowls, Cat Mario prepares to attack 1
10 Things The Super Mario Bros. Movie Got Right

The Super Mario Bros. Movie had high expectations to live up to - here are some of the things it got right.

Bowser prepares to use a fire attack, the cast of the Super Mario Bros. Movie, Bald Bull throws a punch 1
The Super Mario Bros. Movie: 10 Best Easter Eggs

The Super Mario Bros. Movie takes the cake when it comes to Easter eggs, secret references, and hidden details.

A battletoad raises its arms, the Duck Hunt dog laughs as a duck flies away, Ladd uses his grappling hook to cross a gap 1
Unannounced NES Games That Should Be On Nintendo Switch Online

These are the classics we wish were on Nintendo Switch Online.

Tetsuo Tsutsumi looks shocked, Yoko Fukunaga stands in a park, Yutaro Namigaki slides his glasses up his nose 1
Paranormasight - Every Main Character, Ranked

There are plenty of characters in Paranormasight, from Curse Bearers to regular individuals, but who ranks the best of them all?

Zazabi stands tall in a dark cave, Samus walks down a hallway surrounded by enemies, Nightmare floats around with a revealed face 1
Metroid Fusion: 10 Best Boss Fights

X gonna give it to ya.

Monika looks down in a white room, The cast of Paranormasight stand together, Taro runs down the street at night  1
8 Games To Play If You Like Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries Of Honjo

If you liked the gripping and intense storyline of Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo, you'll love these games.

Lego Dr. Strange Ultimate Alliance Dr. Strange and Fortnite Dr. Strange Look Ahead Of Themselves 1
9 Best Doctor Strange Appearances In Video Games

Doctor Strange may not have his own game yet but these appearances still give you a taste of saving the world as Dr. Stephen Strange.

Rocky fights Apollo Creed, Leo Sporino takes a punch, a referee stands over Rocky in the ring  1
Every Rocky And Creed Game, Ranked

Every Rocky and Creed video game makes you feel like a boxing legend.

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