Phasmophobia took the world by storm for its ability to be a serious horror game and also a comedic adventure with your favorite group of friends. People love to be scared and feel a thrill, whether it's watching ghost hunters on TV or riding a roller coaster. Phasmophobia let regular folk be the ones in control.

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With every popular game comes a slow decline in active play due to becoming bored or wanting something new and unexpected. The developers are working hard to add updates and more characters to the game. Whether you're tired of Phasmophobia or want more ghost-hunting content, there are similar horror games out there for groups of friends to enjoy if you're searching for a similar experience.

Updated May 31, 2023, by Sharnelle Earle: More games have been added to this list of games to play with your friends if you enjoyed Phasmophobia. People tend to not play Phasmophobia anymore, but that does not mean you can't get the same experience out of a different game. These games will have you and your friends screaming, laughing, and crying all over again. The horror genre will never go away, and it has never been better since multiplayer has been added to horror games.

30 The Outlast Trials

outlast trials one player watching two other players get chased by monsters
  • Four players
  • Puzzle

Instead of ghosts, you are dealing with enemies who belong to a corrupt organization that experiments on people. You yourself are being experimented on and are being watched. You and your friends must complete trials to show the organization you are ready for the final mission.

There is no fighting back, just running. Complete objectives and ward off the many, many enemies coming your way. This is an adventure game with many objectives, missions, and fun to be had.

29 Demonologist

demonologist player holding ghost device next to dress on mannequin
  • Four players
  • Investigation

Developed with Unreal Engine 5, Demonologist probably has the best graphics out of all ghost detective games out there. You can play alone or with friends in a beautifully dark atmospheric building searching for clues.

Your task is to find and exorcise any demons in the house or facility. The jumpscares and events are randomized each time, making all your investigations unique.

28 Inout

inout two players surrounding coffin
  • Four players
  • Puzzle

In this game, you and your friends act as professional ghost hunters who regularly expel demons in their pastime. Your team must prepare a ritual by finding and collecting ingredients and items needed.

The demon itself is not ghost-like as in Phasmophobia, but rather large, menacing, and very real. There are difficulty sliders so that you can give yourself more and more of a challenge if the main mission was too easy for you.

27 Frightened

fritghtened empty hallway
  • Four players
  • Puzzle

Frightened has some of the best jump scares of all the Phasmophobia-like games. The game relies heavily on atmosphere and cinematic resources to really make you feel like you are in a haunted house.

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You must exorcise the demon in the building by collecting the necessary items and preparing a pentagram for the ritual. All while defending yourself and your friends against the demon itself.

26 Fear Therapy

fear therapy player holding flashlight aimed at tv
  • Four players
  • Puzzle

While Fear Therapy follows the same recipe of walking around in the dark and getting jumpscared, there is a lot of strategy and thinking required to win the game. You can get scared and die all you want, but you will never win unless you pay attention to the objectives and find the objects you need to continue.

There are multiple tasks and items you must find on your own throughout the house. Friends and yourself included can be whisked away by the demon and trapped in the cellar until someone comes to save them.

25 Ghost Watchers

ghost watchers player pointing uv light on ground and other player holding emf reader
  • PvE
  • Investigation

This is an early access game similar to Phasmophobia as your objective is to identify a ghost in order to win. There are up to 20 tools you can use to your advantage, but only a small amount of ghosts are available to find until more are added.

The ghosts themselves have a lot of personality and can be identified based on things such as age and mood, not just by power. You can work your way up to capturing ghosts once you have learned enough about them.

24 Forewarned

Forewarned mummy in hallway
  • Four players
  • VR available

In this game you and your friends are archeologists exploring in Ancient Egyptian ruins, uncovering secrets and researching long-forgotten knowledge. Each mission's objective is to collect relics and get out while a strange spirit lurks about.

You can learn more about it, or try your best to get what you need and get out. There is the Mejai spirit haunting the grounds, as well as your regular spooky Egyptian creatures all ready to stop you from unearthing secrets.

23 Inside The Backrooms

Inside The Backrooms two players near television
  • Three players
  • VR available

This is a ghost-hunting game based on the creepypasta The Backrooms. Your objective isn't to dispel the evil beings here, but to continue up levels and eventually escape.

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There are up to six different enemies in the game and they each have unique behaviors that you're required to learn in order to survive. Instead of investigating ghosts, you're completing difficult puzzles while working together with your team to escape these horribly familiar backrooms.

22 Masks Of Deception

Masks of Deception player near piano
  • Six players
  • PvP or PvE

Masks of Deception has two different genres in one. Your team enters a residence in order to locate and remove a demon. The catch is that one of your friends is the demon in disguise, making this a social deception and ghost hunting game all in one.

Aside from worrying about which one of you is the demon, you will all also have to avoid various other ghostly entities. One of the unique things about this game is that if and when you die, it's not entirely over. As a ghost, you can still participate in the game as there is a task that ghost players can do in an attempt to turn the tides.

21 Ghost Exile

Ghost Exile flashlight in living room
  • Four players
  • Choices matter

Ghost Exile is one of the more similar games to Phasmophobia. You enter houses, use evidence to figure out what type of ghost is present, and expel it. There is no running away and correctly guessing the ghost. You must perform an exorcism at the end.

There is speech recognition with ghosts. The general gameplay and objectives remain similar to Phasmophobia, but the atmosphere and experience are two different things. There are over 25+ items to help you and your friends best the supernatural.

20 Lunch Lady

Lunch Lady running toward player
  • Four players
  • Collection

If you've witnessed YouTubers playing this game, you'd think it's a funny game for laughs with your friends. Actually playing it is another story.

Lunch Lady is a very short and very inexpensive game where you must sneak around school after dark and collect answers for a test. Much like the premise in Slenderman, you must collect ten pages to complete the game and escape.

19 Somewhere In The Shadow

somewhere in the shadow three players staring at wall drawings
  • Four players
  • Investigation

This is a whodunnit escape room horror game. Players have to figure out how to escape a wicked house by working together to complete various challenging puzzles, all while demons and strange things that reside within the house stalk you and try to stop you.

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Somewhere In The Shadow is a very affordable co-op horror experience. The game is short and sweet if you are looking for some extra fun with friends.

18 Chupacabra: Night Hunt

chupacabra night hunt three players aiming shot guns
  • Five players
  • Shooter

Instead of hunting down and putting an end to malevolent spirits, your duty is to hunt an infamous beast of Latin American folklore known as the chupacabra.

You and your friends must work together and collect every necessary weapon and precaution needed to kill the bloodthirsty beast of the woods. There is a twist though. One player can be the beast himself and be hunted by the group of friends.

17 Ghost Exorcism INC

ghost hunters corp holding bible and cross at entity
  • Four players
  • Investigation

Previously known as Ghost Hunters Corp, this game is one of the more similar games to Phasmophobia. Multiple friends must try to figure out what type of ghost they are dealing with and then send them back to hell, or heaven, where they belong.

Once you figure out what type of ghost it is, you have the power to exorcise them with the power of God and some holy water. This is where you must stand your ground and face the entity instead of running away.

16 Obsideo

obsideo holding paranormal tool in basement
  • Two players
  • PvE

Another similar game to Phasmophobia, players must figure out what type of entity is haunting the building and put an end to it. Obsideo focuses more on the detective aspect of ghost hunting, using clues and remembering behaviors from previous experiences.

Ghosts are programmed to be smart, not just scary. They hear you and know the house better than you do. The developers aim to add four-player multiplayer in the near future.

15 Sign Of Silence

sign of silence two players aiming flashlight
  • Four players
  • Multiple endings

Sign of Silence is frustrating to some due to the loud, frightening, and very large monsters that attack randomly tied in with the regular mobs around your vicinity. In this game, you and your friends have to collect all the materials needed to repair a vehicle and escape the wretched and cursed woods.

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You can choose to leave your friends behind or work together. Stealth gameplay is advised because any movement and sound will attract enemies.

14 Hand Simulator: Horror

Hand Simulator Horror
  • Four players
  • Physics

Hand Simulator is a hilariously funny and complicated game that has come out with many different versions. This time around the creators make the setting a horror game. There are various tricks and puzzles you must solve while concentrating on how to control your hands and the goal is to escape the area with your friends.

Hand Simulator: Horror puts a challenge into the ghost-hunting feel of Phasmophobia since it's based around only having control over your hands and fingers using mere keyboard buttons. This game will be both hilarious and challenging.

13 Devour

devour players running from demon
  • Four players
  • Puzzle

The true horror of ghosts comes to you in Devour in more forms than astral. There is a cursed and evil ritual and cult leader running amok in the woods, and it's up to you and your friends to stop the blasphemy.

There's a story that can be played in single-player and is meant to be both a scary and cinematic experience as well as a chaotic and fun. Multiple tasks must be complete in the correct order, so that you may vanquish the evil. The game is available in VR.

12 Tales Of Escape

A dark a big room with some traps.
  • Six players
  • Escape room

Tales of Escape is a free-to-play escape room game with horror elements. Available in VR, you and a friend must solve complex puzzles in a creepy and dank cave.

Up to six friends can play together and there are extra DLC escape rooms. In the base game, you find yourself in some haunted minds full of strange noises and letters to help you better understand what's going on.

11 Emily Wants To Play

It looks like an office room with bad lightning and a safe that has been opened.
  • Four players
  • Walking simulator

Emily Wants To Play has jumpscares and is a horror extravaganza. As a pizza delivery man or woman, you find the house you're meant to deliver pizza to is empty with the front door wide open.

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You and up to four other people must survive this wicked house and escape. This is a small indie game meant to give you an exciting experience in a short amount of time.