Xbox Game Pass is the best deal in gaming providing hundreds of games at a manageable monthly cost. There is something for everyone on the service, from great open-world games to the best co-op games. There are a lot of games for racing fans as well, ranging from retro to modern hits, Microsoft is dishing out quality racing games for their Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

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There is a lot of choice when it comes to racing games on Xbox Game Pass. The racing games on the service range from strict simulation to super arcade, so you can always play what you like. If you love using an external steering wheel, you can do that in simulation games. Or if you like to relax and chill with a mindless and fun arcade racer, Xbox Game Pass has you covered there too.

10 Descenders

Image has a micycyle racer pulling off a stunt

Descenders is about downhill racing on bicycles. That may sound a little dull but the game is anything but. It has an incredible sense of speed; you genuinely feel like descending at a breakneck pace. This makes the races a little daunting, but it is rewarding to pull through and win.

If by any chance you love racing on mountain bikes in GTA 5, you’ll have a great time descending mountains in Descenders. It's a complete package that will satisfy you like few other racing experiences can.

9 Grid

Image shows has multiple race cars engaged in a closed circuit race

This racer is a remaster of the original Grid that came out in 2008. Codemasters have delivered a strikingly great game in Grid. If you love realistic handling cars and physical damage, then Grid is one of the best ones around.

Playing the races cleanly is the way to go here. There are multiple types of races to indulge in as well. The graphics look great on the Series console and the game runs at a steady and stable framerate. What more can racing fans ask for?

8 Dirt 5

Image shows a mid air car

The game strayed from its simulation roots and became a little more accessible for racing fans. It tipped slightly towards arcade racing but not enough to completely become non-serious. It has gorgeous-looking graphics, a physics-based driving system, and genuinely fun tracks to drive on.

If you love off-road or closed-track racing, Dirt 5 is one of the best ones available on the system. There is also a great progression system that can keep you engaged for a long while.

7 Need For Speed: Heat

Image shows a race car on a rainy street

Need for Speed Heat didn’t keep us warm for a long time as the support from the studio was cut short. However, it did provide a couple of great weeks of racing to Need for Speed fans. It isn’t the best Need for Speed game by far, but it is still fun.

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The unique day-night cycle was an impactful gameplay mechanic. The cops were genuinely terrifying at the start when you could quickly get overwhelmed at night.

6 Forza Horizon 4

Image shows an off road race taking place

There aren't a lot of differences between Forza Horizon 4 and 5. Sure there are minor graphical updates, but the main gameplay remains the same. If you don’t like the Mexican setting of 5, you can visit England in Horizon 4.

Here you will find tons of cars to drive and upgrade, multiple types of races to win, and many points of interest to explore in the game. It’s another testament to Playground Games' genius.

5 F1 2022

Image shows a F1 race on a closed track

This racing game is not for everyone but those who do love Formula racing will appreciate it a lot. It’s a simulation-based game with realistic Formula cars to drive. It has realistic tracks with even more realistic physics applied.

If you love playing simulation racing games that are just aiming to provide a realistic experience, F1 2022 is one of the best games on Xbox Game Pass. While it isn’t as big of an improvement over the F1 2021, it is still a great experience for the fans of the genre.

4 Wreckfest

Image shows a chaotic race track

Wreckfest takes physics-based car destruction and turns the dial to the max. The game lets you witness some amazing crashes with realistic physics and effects. The best part? You can be the architect of these crashes.

This is a contact racer that pits you against other racers aiming to cross the finish line. How you do that is up to you. You can play it safe or go for the kill in this crunching fun game of racing. It recalls the good days of Flatout Racing.

3 Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered

Image shows a racing car being chased by cops

Like playing cops and robbers? You’ll love Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered. The original game came out in 2010 but the remaster brings it to modern times. The graphics are all improved and there are several quality-of-life changes.

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However, the base gameplay remains the same. There is no free roaming in the open world here, but the game delivers a quality sense of progression. You can play as cops or illegal racers, each equipped with their own unique abilities.

2 Burnout Paradise Remastered

Image shows a calm city road

There was a time when Burnout was the king of arcade racers. The Remastered version of Burnout Paradise brings the core gameplay that made the original release special back. The graphics are improved, but the rest of the gameplay loop stays the same.

It’s a fast-paced racer that lets you take down other drivers on the track. Shove racers off the road, into traffic, or even the sides to make them flip in spectacular fashion. The inclusion of iconic music tracks makes the game all the more enjoyable.

1 Forza Horizon 5

Image shows two racing cars in a hanger

Forza Horizon 5 is not only the crown jewel of Xbox Game Pass but also the best racing game in recent times. It has everything going for it, a huge open world to explore, hundreds of cars to drive, multiple racing disciplines, and gorgeous graphics.

The arcady handling does push the simulation hardcore fans away, but they can get their hands on Forza Motorsport soon. If you are looking for a beautiful-looking racing game that pushes the graphical power of the Series consoles, Forza Horizon 5 is the best game for that.

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