Want to add a little spice to your weapons in Dead Island 2? The fastest way is to add perks to them. Perks modify the way your weapon works by introducing new properties. A perk might help you regain health, another may increase your damage, and one might completely change the way a weapon feels.

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No matter what your needs are, there is a perk waiting to be applied. Select one of the best perks, combine it with a legendary weapon and you will be unstoppable. Make zombies pay for being zombies and hack them to pieces with a wide variety of killer perks. For even more fun, combine multiple perks to create a true weapon of mass destruction.

10 Ferocious - It’s Fury Time

Image shows the Ferocius Perk in Dead Island 2

Ferocious is great to have if you like going into Fury mode in Dead Island 2. The perk gives you additional Fury when you kill a zombie. This in turn lets you go into the Fury mode faster. Apply this perk on any weapon that you are using and start gaining more Fury per kill.

Combine this perk with Fury-based skill cards to be truly unstoppable.

9 Infectious - See A Doctor?

Image shows the Infectious Perk in Dead Island 2

Infectious is best used on a bleed weapon as it causes additional bleed damage when you hit a zombie. Some zombies have resistance to certain elements (Voltaic Screamer is immune to shock), so having a bleed weapon in your arsenal is essential.

Being prepared with the Infectious perk makes other zombies nearby bleed as well. It’s like doing damage to the whole zombie family in one go.

8 Acid Rain - It Pours

Image shows the Acid Rain Perk in Dead Island 2

Acid Rain doesn’t actually rain acid on zombies, but it does come close. After killing a zombie the perk will activate a caustic cloud that will linger there for a while. This makes Acid Rain a must-have perk on any acid/caustic elemental weapons you have.

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Other zombies that pass through the cloud will have their skin and muscles dissolved. Quite a painful way to go.

7 Mind Blowing - Boom Headshot

Image shows the Mind BlowingPerk in Dead Island 2

If you love taking headshots, Mind Blowing will blow zombies' heads. It’s the one rule that works in every zombie game, headshots are super effective against zombies. If you have a ranged weapon, shooting the head is usually a safe bet.

Mind Blowing perk triggers an explosion when you hit a headshot. It staggers other zombies in the vicinity and looks great. A must-have on a ranged rifle with a scope.

6 Guardian - Of The L.A

Image shows the Guardian Perk in Dead Island 2

Guardian is the perk you should have on a weapon at all times. Dead Island 2 is not a hard game, but its difficulty can spike when you get surrounded by multiple zombies. The Guardian perk simply gives you a toughness boost when using the weapon.

That’s it, it allows you to take more damage without going down fast. This perk can be a lifesaver in one of the boss fights as well. Some basic combat tricks can get you out of tricky situations as well.

5 Hazardous - Proceed With Explosions

Image shows the Hazardous Perk in Dead Island 2

The Hazardous perk triggers a forceful explosion if you hit a zombie with a status effect. Having elemental or status weapon mods on your weapons is key to dealing damage to zombies. So you’ll always be inflicting status effects on the dead walkers.

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Hazardous simply gives you free explosions that do light damage and stagger other zombies.

4 Leech - Vampire During The Day

Image shows the Leech Perk in Dead Island 2

Always running low on health? The Leech perk is made for you. The perk has a chance of recovering health when you hit a zombie. Use it on a fast-attacking weapon to gain even more health.

It’s a simple perk that can help you survive the harsh world of Hell-A and not rely on medkits. Once you nail down dodging, you can easily sell your medkits for extra cash.

3 Contagious - Wear A Mask

Image shows the contagious Perk in Dead Island 2

Contagious is essential if you are using heavy attacks on zombies. Dani is a great slayer that has a powerful heavy attack, so the Contagious perk is great for her. If you hit a zombie that already has a status effect, your heavy attacks will spread it to other nearby zombies.

Combine this perk with a blunt weapon that has an elemental mod installed, and you’ll have no trouble crowd-controlling.

2 Static Charge - Shocking

Image shows the Static Charge Perk in Dead Island 2

Static Charge requires a shock mod installed on the weapon, and it amplifies everything to the max. Not only it boosts the charging rate of electrified status on zombies, but repeated hits can release a huge shock explosion.

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The electric explosion can further jump to nearby zombies making this a great crowd-control perk to have. Watch out though, it also electrifies any water pools nearby which can damage you too.

1 Tear ‘N Sear - For The Burn

Image shows the Tear N' Sear Perk in Dead Island 2

Tear ‘N Sear, as the name suggests, lets you tear off limbs and then sear them. Yes, maim a zombie and a pool of burning fuel with spawn under it. This will make the zombies nice and toasty. This perk works well with almost any weapon, but we recommend using it on a hunting rifle as the pool of fire can hurt you too.

Guns are already amazing in Dead Island 2 but this perk kicks them up a notch. You need to have a fire element mod on the weapon for this to work.

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