If you ask any fan of the Legend of Zelda series what their own favorite dungeon is, you’re bound to get an absolute buffet of different answers. In the almost 40 years since the series’ inception, we’ve been battling our way through different elements and terrifying beasts, with help from fun equipment and some intriguing friends along the way.

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Every game in the Zelda universe has a different style and priority, which gives every dungeon an equal opportunity to shine. If you’re curious about the best Zelda dungeons, we’ve got a list of some of the best Zelda dungeon, ranked.

Updated on May 30, 2023 by Gabrielle Castania: With the recent release of Tears of the Kingdom and the return of temples to the main series, we wanted to circle back to our list of the best Zelda dungeons to double-check we still stand by our order for the best Zelda dungeons, ranked.

10 Snowhead Temple - Majora’s Mask

snowhead temple majora's mask exterior best zelda dungeons

Snowhead Temple isn't what most fans would initially call their favorite dungeon in Majora's Mask. The layout is massive, the stray fairies require you to go far out of your way to find them, and it’s pretty easy to lose focus and get lost.

But for all the frustrations, there's beauty in its intricacies. As you progress through the dungeon, Link is actively changing the landscape of the dungeon from start to finish, opening up new paths and triggering new puzzles. It’s easily one of the most dynamic, which is what a Zelda dungeon should be.

9 City In The Sky - Twilight Princess

city in the sky twilight princess legend of zelda dungeons ranked

Twilight Princess’ last dungeon before the back-to-back finale against Zant and Ganondorf, the City in the Sky, makes for a very climactic end to Link’s adventure. He’s traveled across Hyrule, swam Hylia’s depths, climbed the highest peaks, voyaged through time, and now sees himself launched to the heavens.

The City in the Sky is one of the largest dungeons in the series, truly labyrinthine in nature. This is a real society, and Link is taking advantage of its verticality with his new Double Clawshots. The City in the Sky is genuinely exciting, with great puzzles and battles in a fun set piece. Everything about it feels conclusive, naturally transitioning into the finale.

8 Hyrule Castle - Breath Of The Wild

hyrule castle breath of the wild legend of zelda best zelda dungeons ranked

Though Breath of the Wild’s dungeons are typically seen as the weakest in the series, its rendition of Hyrule Castle is a master class in pure freedom. And most of it can be bypassed, thanks to Link’s climbing skills and Revali’s Gale,meaning fast players can force their way through how they please, while more exploratory players can check everything out.

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And exploring pays off in a big way, too. Hyrule Castle is home to some of the coolest puzzles in the game, making use of every single one of Link’s abilities, and the loot within the castle is worth fighting for. It exemplifies so much of what made Breath of the Wild great: the freedom to approach things however you want.

7 Sandship - Skyward Sword

sandship skyward sword exterior legend of zelda dungeons ranked best zelda dungeons

Skyward Sword's fifth dungeon, the Sandship sees Link traversing across the Sand Sea in an attempt to shift between past and present to uncover the secrets of the Sandship.

The puzzles here are some of the very best in the series, requiring players to legitimately think critically of and use the surrounding space. Witnessing the world around you shifting from a lush sea filled with life to a choked desert of sand is one of the series' strongest moments, and it makes for some stellar puzzles as well.

6 Tower Of The Gods - The Wind Waker

tower of the gods exterior wind waker legend of zelda dungeons ranked best zelda dungeons

On the whole, Wind Waker didn't necessarily have the series' strongest dungeons - the game focused more on style rather than the tried-and-true methods of the past. That said, Tower of the Gods is truly exceptional, blending many of Wind Waker's newer elements with those that defined previous games.

Making equal use of the King of Red Lions and Link’s regular abilities, Tower of the Gods is the perfect blend of Wind Waker's core mechanics, all in a space alien in both design and aesthetics.

5 Ancient Cistern - Skyward Sword

ancient cistern skyward sword best zelda dungeons legend of zelda dungeons ranked

A dungeon based heavily on Hindu mythology complete with mythological depictions of Heaven and Hell, the Ancient Cistern sees Link essentially recreating The Spider’s Thread, a short story in the Buddha’s personal canon. The imagery here is quite striking, with the shimmering gold of the walls and statues contrasting the darkness of the lower sections.

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The Whip is your new item here, and it makes for some genuinely enjoyable puzzles within. Everything about the Ancient Cistern was great, from the visuals to the new gear, all of it culminating in one of the most enjoyable boss battles in series history.

4 Fire Temple - Ocarina Of Time

fire temple ocarina of time entrance legend of zelda dungeons ranked best zelda dungeons

The second of your Adult Timeline dungeons, the Fire Temple sits in the core of Death Mountain and sees Link exploring to free the Gorons that've been trapped there by the rampaging monster, Volvagia. Quest through the cavernous openings and tight squeezes to free Gorons, find the Megaton Hammer, and prepare to fight a fierce fire dragon.

The elemental dungeons from Ocarina of Time are mainstays in many Zelda fans' hearts, and the Fire Temple was just one in a long list of exemplary temples from this N64 classic.

3 Arbiter’s Grounds - Twilight Princess

arbiter's grounds entryway twilight princess legend of zelda dungeons ranked best zelda dungeon

The first dungeon after players get the Master Sword in Twilight Princess, Arbiter’s Grounds is quite important to the context of the entirety of Twilight Princess's story. Not only does it move the narrative forward by offering a twist at the end, but the Arbiter’s Grounds also makes use of both Link’s human and wolf forms for puzzle-solving.

This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it allows the dungeon to feel much larger in scope. Link has to hunt down ghosts and defeat them, and in the second half gives Link the Spinner, which, while not the most useful item outside its own dungeon, was incredibly fun to mess with. It's tied together nicely with a fun and challenging boss battle, nailing in it its spot this high on our list.

2 Forest Temple - Ocarina Of Time

forest temple ocarina of time legend of zelda dungeons best zelda dungeons

There are plenty of reasons why the Forest Temple is one of the most beloved dungeons in the Zelda series - it's everything a dungeon should be. It has strong visuals, a great use for your assorted tools, and plenty of puzzles that feel genuinely rewarding to solve.

You'll only just have become Adult Link by the time you arrive, and the difficulty spike from Jabu-Jabu's Belly to the Forest Temple is palpable, assuring you that the stakes truly have risen. The boss fight from this dungeon is easily one of the most iconic from the series as well, with Phantom Ganon appearing time and time again in the series from the legacy of this one alone.

1 Stone Tower Temple - Majora’s Mask

stone tower temple majora's mask legend of zelda dungeon best zelda dungeons ranked

The Legend of Zelda has so many great dungeons, but few come close to reaching the same intricate heights as the Stone Tower Temple in Majora’s Mask - literally. What’s effectively the final dungeon of the game (not counting the Moon), the Stone Tower Temple is a gauntlet that genuinely challenges Link’s perspective in all kinds of ways.

From its puzzles to its physical reversal at the halfway point, the Stone Tower Temple is a creepy climb to the final boss with multiple mini-bosses along the way, a reliance on every major item, and a true sense that the world is approaching its end. The Stone Tower Temple is by all means challenging, but it hits the dark and intimidating theme of Majora's Mask on the head.

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