Although many of you were left disappointed by last week's PlayStation Showcase, there's no denying the presentation ended on a high note. Almost 15 minutes were dedicated to Spider-Man 2, finally unveiling the symbiote suit, but fans are still wondering whether it's alien or man-made.

Most Marvel fans familiar with Venom and the multiverse's symbiotes will have likely assumed the version in Insomniac's Spiderverse is from another planet. However, ArkhamNumb (via KhalidBrooks1) has pointed to evidence from the first of Insomniac's Spider-Man games suggesting the sequel's symbiote is human-made, and that we have Oscorp to thank (or should that be to blame?) for its existence.

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ArkhamNumb has shared a screenshot from a trailer for the first game showing a sign that confirms Norman Osborn's corporation has at least dabbled in “symbiosis technology”. As noted in the replies, and heavy spoilers for the first game, we actually get a good look at the symbiote in the credits scene. Venom appears to come from Oscorp, but whether Oscorp made it or found it is its own debate. But it's worth noting that the symbiote was cooked up by Peter Parker and Eddie Brocks' dads in the Ultimate universe, so there's a precedent for synthetic evil goo.

In the credits scene, Harry Osborn, who you don't technically meet outside of voice recordings, is shown suspended in a tank of green liquid. Norman watches on as what appears to be a symbiote is presumably keeping him alive.

While it's entirely possible Norman plunged money and resources into creating something that would save his son's life, creating one or more symbiotes in the process, it's also possible a symbiote from another planet was simply discovered on Earth. Oscorp either found or got wind of the alien matter and has been monetizing and using it to keep Harry alive ever since.

The extended look at Spider-Man 2 last week told us a lot, but it has also raised a lot of questions in the process. Not only the above but also queries regarding how much control Peter has when he's wearing his new symbiote suit. Some of you are convinced a single ominous shot from a cutscene during last week's gameplay suggests Miles Morales will have to battle Peter at least once during the sequel. If Oscorp truly cooked the symbiote up, then maybe the blame lies at Norman's door.

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