The notion of backwards compatibility has been around for some time, ever since the PlayStation 2 could play most of the games of its predecessor. For those who recall, the PS2 could also make these games look slightly better if you went into its menus and chose a "smooth" option that applied a texture filtering effect to PS1 titles that made visuals look slightly crisper. Of course we're generations ahead and players expect much more with the PlayStation 5.

PS5 players have been treated to upgraded versions of PS4 games. The likes of Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, Spider-Man, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Control, and The Witcher 3, among others, all have PS5 versions that make these games sparkle with 4K visuals and other enhancements like improved lighting, textures, and effects. Other games get the Game Boost treatment, allowing the likes of God of War and The Last of Us Part 2 to be played in higher framerates. But lately, PS5 owners have been wondering why more games are not getting these kinds of upgrades.

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Over on the PS5 subreddit one poster asked, 'What are some games you'd love to see get a PS5 upgrade?' with the thread netting more than a 1,000 comments. It's become a popular post with many clearly having a lot of thoughts regarding the topic. Certain games come up again and again, while there are also votes for more niche titles.

What are some games You'd love to see get a PS5 Upgrade?

by u/TheLoneJedi-77 in PS5

Among the favourites to be nominated for a PS5 upgrade is Rockstar's cowboy series Red Dead Redemption, with mentions of both the original and the sequel. "How we still haven't got this yet I don't understand but I love this game and being able to play it with ray tracing and a smooth 60fps like what Rockstar did with GTA 5 would be amazing," the OP writes. Another commentor simply wrote, "Red Dead Redemption. Plus Undead Nightmare," drawing hundreds of upvotes.

Another popular suggestion was a series that started on the PS3. "The Arkham games totally deserve a 60fps patch," wrote one commentor, drawing nearly a thousand upvotes. "Arkham Knight at 1440p 60fps would look better than most current gen games." A reply noted that the game didn't even get a PS4 Pro patch. Rounding off the most commonly liked suggestions is the perennially asked for Bloodborne, with a 60fps upgrade long coveted.

Other suggestions in the thread include NieR Automata, with an upvoted comment asking just for a resolution bump; as well as more leftfield choices such as 2015's Mad Max, Divinity Original Sin 2, and Shadow of War, among others. But many, many called for Bloodborne. Perhaps FromSoftware will heed the call at some point.

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