Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is coming to PC, ending its PlayStation 5 exclusivity. Pre-orders are live now, making this the next Sony PC port since The Last of Us Part 1.

Set for July 26, the Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart port comes courtesy of Nixxes Software, the same team responsible for bringing Spider-Man to PC. This is a pretty good omen for the game, with the previous port launching to rave reviews across the board. The studio even got it verified on Steam Deck, suggesting we could expect the same from Rift Apart when it launches on PC in July.

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As well as making Rift Apart available outside of PlayStation for the first time, the port will also boast new features. This includes "newly added ray-traced shadows", and widescreen support. Framerates have also been unlocked, so if you've got a high-quality set-up, you should hopefully be able to enjoy a high-quality performance.

This comes a little under two years since it first launched on PS5, making for a pretty long wait for its console exclusivity to come to an end. In any case, it shows that Sony is serious about sharing its PlayStation exclusives with other players, something that has become a larger part of the company's strategy during this console generation.

However, it also comes just months after Sony's last port - the disastrous PC release of The Last of Us Part 1. Launching at the tail end of the HBO show adaptation, it quickly became apparent that the port fell below usual standards, with constant crashing and hilarious visual bugs. However, with the Rift Apart port being announced so close to its release date, and having the Spider-Man port devs on board, it definitely seems that this will be a much more stable experience. And one that could even run on Steam Deck, unlike The Last of Us Part 1.

In any case, Sony is being much more proactive in sharing its PS5 offerings. They're coming out quite frequently now, even if we do have to wait a while after launch in some instances. It remains to be seen which exclusive gets the PC port treatment next - but it's safe to say it won't be Bloodborne. I'm sorry, Soulsborne fans, but we've just gonna another year without an announcement. Maybe one day, yeah?

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