Last night, the official Xbox Twitter account posted a video of somebody in their home following an incredibly messy trail of glitter (which is even spread across a carpet - good luck cleaning that up). It leads to a monitor with the Xbox Games Showcase standby screen playing. Text pops up saying, "Seems important, see you there June 11th".

It seems like harmless fun to build hype, but Fable fans are convinced it's teasing something much more. The glitter trail and music have convinced them that there might be something at the Showcase, maybe even a new trailer for the fourth game.

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One look at the over 1,000 quote retweets and you'll find a wall of people excitedly and simply declaring, "FABLE", as others point out that the music sounds oddly familiar. @Psychonauts8 believes that it sounds like the Bowerstone South theme, while others liken the glitter trail to that of the yellow sparkles you follow in the games to reach your objective.

Whether this is actually a tease for Fable 4 appearing at the Showcase or just an unfortunate combo of fantasy music and glitter is unclear, especially given its history. Fable 4 began development six years ago in 2017 and dropped its first teaser trailer in 2020. We don't know much about it other than it's using the Forza engine, but fans weren't expecting much at the Showcase given how quiet everything has been. Importantly, reports from March claim that Fable 4 is "miles away" and that the devs are "not quite sure" what it should be, so it might not even be in a state ready for a Showcase.

It's not even the only cryptic tease from Xbox socials in the past week. Xbox Australia and New Zealand posted a photo of a Naughts and Crosses game with three Xs and letters spelling out 'PSYCHO', asking "WHAT DOES IT MEAN?" Psycho plus Naughts and three Xs equals Psychonauts 3. But given that Double Fine is working on a new IP, the odds of this tease being anything more than a throwaway joke are little.

Maybe Fable 4 is different. It is the official Xbox social and not a regional one, after all. Maybe developer Playground Games will have something to show on June 11, then. We'll have to wait and see, but it's only two weeks away now.

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