The worst-kept secret in video games was finally confirmed last week. It was revealed during the PlayStation Showcase that Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater really is getting a remake. What wasn't made clear is who exactly has been working on this long-rumored project. While Konami is naturally involved, the studio has now confirmed Hideo Kojima, who fell out with the studio years ago, is not.

Working on the Metal Gear Solid series up until 2016, Kojima and Konami fell out and the former left the latter, forming his own studio since then. While there was likely a hope the two parties had patched things up for the sake of the Snake Eater remake, Konami has now confirmed to IGN (thanks, Eurogamer) that's not the case.

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“They are not involved,” was the short and sharp answer given by a Konami spokesperson. The brevity of the response implies getting Kojima involved with the project wasn't an option, or perhaps an olive branch was never extended. They did divulge some additional information on who actually has been working on the Snake Eater remake, though.

Konami has taken a “central role” in the remake's development, as well as the work needed to bring the collection of classic Metal Gear games to modern platforms. The team at Konami has been assisted by Virtuos, as expected, another studio that has a lot of experience when it comes to developing Metal Gear Solid games.

As soon as the Snake Eater remake and accompanying Master Collection was announced, Metal Gear fans began to speculate about what might come next. Marketing for both products appears to imply there will be more remakes, and perhaps additions to the Master Collection as the first three games have been labeled “volume one”. Konami didn't confirm there are plans for more remakes but did say it will monitor the success of Snake Eater and may well build on it if the demand is there. It has also explained why there's a triangle in the remake's name.

Konami also addressed why it has started what may well be a run of remakes with the third game in the series. There are two reasons, the first being the one most of you likely assumed. That even though Snake Eater is the third game, chronologically it's the first. The second reason is that it's apparently the game fans have been demanding be remade most. So, based on all of the above, if there's a particular Metal Gear game you would like to see remade next, make your voice heard. Konami is listening.

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