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Gollum Reviews 1
Gollum Is The Sort Of Terrible Game We Just Don't Get Anymore

A rare stinker in a medium where you can't risk making them like this anymore.

addison holding up the hudson construction sign with hyrule castle in the background tears of the kingdom all sign guy locations 1
That Sign Holding Jerk In Tears Of The Kingdom Can Go Screw Himself

Addison is a pathetic loser who only wants to drag Link down to his pathetic loser level.

Mortal Kombat 1 Scorpion Sub-zero Red Sun 1
File Sizes Are Too Big These Days

Mortal Kombat 1 is going to be 100 GB, and this is fast becoming unsustainable for gamers and their console space

Multiple shots of Gollum in The Lord of the Rings: Gollum. 1
The New Lord Of The Rings Game Could Have Helped Seven-Year-Old Me Get Over His Gollum Fear

Gollum scared me as a kid, but it's hard to imagine the new game scaring anyone.

Assassin's Creed Mirage History Past 1
Assassin's Creed Can't Rely On The Past Forever

Mirage is a homage to a dated formula Ubisoft left behind for a reason.

GTA 5 Michael Riding A Bike 1
I Can't Wait To Get Into My GTA 6 Routine

Tears of the Kingdom is great, but I'm ready for a new open-world game in the Rockstar mold.

coming to xbox 1
There Sure Were A Lot Of Xbox Games In The PlayStation Showcase

The PlayStation Showcase was full of a lot of great games, but not many PlayStation exclusives.

Naked Snake from Snake Eater 1
The Snake Eater Remake Is Keeping Kojima's Dream Alive By Confusing The Heck Out Of Everyone

The Snake Eater remake is definitely off to a good start because no one can figure out what the hell is going on.

A mock up poster for Days Gone II with Deacon St John 1
We Need To Get Over Days Gone 2

There has been yet more talk of a Days Gone sequel this week, and we all need to let it go.

Miles Morales in his suit swinging with a helicopter behind him and the Insomniac logo emblazoned on his foot 1
zelda tears of the kingdom floating colosseum chasm 1
Tears Of The Kingdom’s Underground Fight Club Is A Brutal Trial Of Strength

Tears of the Kingdom’s toughest challenge comes with a great reward for those who’ve played the series

Spider-Man 2 water nobody cares 1
You Don't Actually Care About The Spider-Man Water

People are complaining about the water in Spider-Man yet again, but it's a non-issue that, if taken seriously, will only make video games worse

Final Fantasy Numbers 1
Final Fantasy Having Numbers Is The Entire Point

Swap to weird subtitles and you're one step closer to Kingdom Hearts.

Link protects Zelda in Gerudo Desert after defeating a Yiga Clan Member 1
I Wish I Hadn't Replayed Breath Of The Wild This Year

Playing a 100-hour game right before its sequel comes out might not be a good idea.

totk development 1
Zelda Is Showing Most Of Us We Have No Idea How Games Are Made

The things that players think are amazing about TOTK are not the same things developers are impressed by.

An orc and Gollum against a backdrop with images of Mordor 1
Lord Of The Rings Games Are Too Focused On Mordor

Why do LOTR games Shire way from the rest of Middle-Earth?

Tears of the Kingdom Duplication Glitch Patch 1
Tears Of The Kingdom Patching Out Duplication Glitches Is A Massive Bummer

All I want is to break Hyrule's economy with my unlimited supply of diamonds.

PS Showcase 1
PlayStation Showcase Was Messy, Awkward, And Everything It Needed To Be

It didn't have many exclusives, but it had a whole lot of heart.

Lee and the season one characters looking in the distance in Telltale's The Walking Dead 1
No Game Has Made Me Feel For Its Cast Like The Walking Dead

Lee and Clementine, along with the rest of the cast, make The Walking Dead one of the most emotionally challenging experiences in gaming

Spider-Man 2 symbiote 1
Spider-Man 2's Symbiote Suit Is Puddlegate All Over Again

You probably won't even wear the venom suit when you play it anyway.

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